Learning Rx moved their Business Online with a User Interactive WooCommerce Website: Resulting in a Transformed and dynamic EdTech Website









Website Development

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The Result

Increased Lead Generation


Faster Website


Engaging UI/UX



At LearningRx, students of all ages can receive individualised instruction in fundamental cognitive processes like attention, memory, and information processing. They offer customised workout programs that incorporate exciting and difficult games and exercises. The best way to coach someone to increase their cognitive abilities is to first assess which ones need the most work.

The Challenge

The organisation faced the issue of creating a scalable, custom-built website for different geographic regions. The website required landing pages for each state, complete with easily updatable information about courses and employees. This created a number of difficulties, such as the need to design a website architecture that may change as needed, and the necessity of customizing each landing page to meet the requirements of each individual state. The website needed to be easy to use for both students and faculty and expandable to meet the needs of a growing audience.


Our proposed solution for this project had a number of interrelated parts meant to meet the varied requirements of the task at hand. First, we made it a priority to develop a UI/UX that would appeal to both the company and its customers. Making the website scalable for future development entailed designing landing pages tailored to each individual state. The next step was the formulation and execution of a thorough strategy for the website’s development and launch, tailored to an EdTech firm’s requirements. We also made sure the course and personnel information was presented in a style that was simple to use and flexible enough to expand with the company. We strategized and implemented the entire project in three months, giving the client the fast and effective service they deserved.

What our Customer Says

We are thrilled with the successful deployment of our WooCommerce website by TheCommerceShop. They delivered a custom solution that addressed all of our business challenges, from building a scalable website to creating location-specific landing pages for our EdTech courses. TheCommerceShop team was responsive, efficient, and professional throughout the entire process, delivering a faster and optimized website with an excellent UI/UX design. We highly recommend TheCommerceShop to any business looking for a reliable and experienced partner to help them achieve their e-commerce goals.

Results Obtained

We implemented a variety of solutions including optimizing images and videos, leveraging caching techniques, and streamlining the checkout process. We also improved the website’s overall design to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. As a result of these changes, the client’s website now loads much faster, resulting in a better user experience and improved search engine rankings. Additionally, the redesigned website has seen an increase in sales and conversion rates.