eCommerce Integration

Leverage the technology to optimize processes, reduce costs, and bottlenecks to scale your brand globally!


Integrated Commerce – Elevating Your Business To Whole A New Level

eCommerce Integration means connecting eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., with intuitive applications for the greater good of accelerating business growth. At The Commerce Shop, eCommerce integrations are carried out by 50+ well-versed integration experts who have worked-on connecting applications with various products and services. Our integration projects range from businesses of all sizes and shapes across numerous eCommerce platforms. In our 11+ years of experience, we have wielded high volume brands with the complexities in managing and processing integrations.

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Benefits Of eCommerce Integration

  • Custom pricing data on your web store
  • Automatically updated product catalog
  • Personalized marketing and cross-selling opportunities
  • Greater customer satisfaction and brand trust
  • Better business control and report accessibility
  • Streamline web store processes
  • Speedy synchronization
  • Liberate valuable resources
  • Increased Internal Productivity
  • Decreased data redundancy and errors
  • Reduces Operation/Inventory Costs
  • Seamless user-experience

Integrated eCommerce Systems – All In One Place

Product Management

Vendor Data, Inventory Control, Product Details


Social Media, Analytics, Ad Feeds, Email

Accounting and Finance

Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Payroll, Budgeting, Reporting


Warehouse Management, Picking & packing orders.

Customer Relations

Names, Addresses, Order History

Maintenance & Enhancements

Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Payroll, Budgeting, Reportin

Integrating Third-party Connectors On Popular eCommerce Platforms

We integrate Content & Commerce.

In an e-business, customers get in touch with your products and services through various facilities provided by you. As eCommerce businesses increasingly carry out many dealings through online marketplaces or exchanges, suppliers who connect with these exchanges must automate their interactions. Our unique integration solutions optimize and centralize eCommerce operations by integrating your marketing, inventory management, and other back-end systems.


  • Enhanced User Experiences
  • Syncs Organizational Systems
  • Builds Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Easier Checkout


  • Marketing and Sales Automation
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Finance and Account Management
  • Business Analytics and Reporting


  • Easily map, manage and edit products
  • Compatibility with existing add-ons
  • Shipping and payment gateway
  • WooCommerce marketing automation


  • Support turn-key actions
  • Tailored needs fulfillment
  • Unify business operations
  • Customer retention

eCommerce Google Services Integrations

We integrate essential search engine services

Collect customer data and make data-driven decisions by integrating your digital storefront with Google Services. Our experienced team of Google Certified Experts has experience in

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

  • Google Feedburner Service Integration
  • Google Feedburner Service Integration

  • Google Webmasters Integration
  • Google Webmasters Integration

eCommerce Third-Party Integrations

We integrate third-party

Third-party connectors enable you to expand external systems as much or as little as you need by uniting eCommerce operations.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM
  • CRM
  • Mobility & IoT
  • Mobility & IoT
  • Accounting System
  • Accounting System
  • Chatbots
  • Chatbots
  • PWA | AMP
  • PWA | AMP

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