Marketplace marketing strategies that benefit sellers and buyers

Display all your products under one umbrella and reach a wider audience

Online marketplace is a booming business and one of the most successful business models in eCommerce. It provides an opportunity for sellers to display all their products under one umbrella where buyers too, will benefit by buying different products from the same website.

How we do marketplace marketing?

Value propositions

We have a clear strategy to help audiences understand the value propositions and build trust in our marketplace. Our value proposition strategy will make the audience clearly understand what a product does, to whom it is targeted and how different it is.


We help you identify the micro-influencers in the customer database with less than 200,000 followers. These influencers can pull as much as 10% of engagement rate. We help you host meetups and connect with influencers to draw customers to your marketplace.

Emphasizing benefits

We help sellers explain the benefits of their product features, to their target customers. Instead of distracting the users by over emphasizing on the features, we focus on telling the benefits they get through the product features. This will attract customers effectively and help them make better buying decisions.

Product visuals and content support

Our Marketing experts ensure that your product visuals provide an in-depth knowledge of its features and benefits. We provide content support in the form of screenshots, photos, videos and nurture the content with blogs, white papers, FAQs and infographics. This strengthens the product page on the marketplace.

  • Fab Habitat
  • All Things Barbecue
  • Biome360
  • Forward Powersports
  • Malabar Bay
  • Persian Basket
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