Google shopping management for maximum ROI

We optimize performance, target the right audience and provide feed management services

For Google Shopping Management, we not only customize the Google Merchant Center feed, but also maneuver ad visibility in AdWords. For making retailers maximize their eCommerce ROI, we help them bid, optimize performance, target audience and also provide feed management services.

How we do Google shopping management?

Optimizing performance

Optimizing a Google Shopping campaign is not easy. So how do our experts get your products properly listed with Google Shopping? It is simple to define but difficult to execute because it requires:

  1. Good Product Data
  2. Continuous tweaking of your Google Shopping feed

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Targeting customers

We implement Google dynamic remarketing ads in product-level and also install remarketing tags on the client site. This enables us to collect the site visitor data. We then create an audience pool to retarget using Facebook dynamic ads. We also provide direction to market the product in other channels to retain the customers.

Managing feeds

Using CAPx platform, we submit the Google Merchant Feed everyday. We then build a product catalog to optimize the product’s attributes like color, type etc., We then identify the buying signals of the customer by matching intent-based keywords and the products.

Analyzing campaigns

Our analyst will provide the results and insights learned from each ad campaign. We ensure that all the budgets are spent effectively and make the requires adjustments needed to reach all your target audiences. We work diligently to exceed your ROI goals.

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