Effective email marketing strategies for high conversions

We strategize to address the needs of your target audience to achieve high conversions.

Effectiveness of email marketing directly affects the success of your eCommerce business. At The Commerce Shop, our eCommerce experts create tailor-made email marketing strategies to address the needs of your target audience in order to achieve high conversions.

How we do Email Marketing?

Customer engagement rate

Engagement rate is the biggest challenge faced by eCommerce businesses. We address this challenge by choosing the most suitable email template. We send personalized retention emails, campaign mailers, call-to-action emails, post-purchase emails and review request emails to maintain engagement rate.

Customer segmentation

We split the customer database into smaller groups based on age, gender, location, post purchases, loyalty etc., Our emails will be sent only to specific groups and the emails will have content that matter the most to them. By sending the most relevant products, we increase the conversion rate.

Collecting user reviews

Our email template will include a quick review or rating section to allow customers provide feedback instantly. Using this method, we collect more user reviews than the traditional method of navigating from the email to a separate

Email personalization

Every email we send will address the customer by their name. This increases the open rate drastically. We use compelling headlines and quickly digestible content in marketing emails. Our experts ensure the usage of ‘friendly’ words similar to how one addresses a colleague.

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