2018 Google adwords and paid search.

The eCommerce guide for retailers’ PPC success

With digital marketing technology continually advancing and 2018 offering great opportunities in new territories like Target CPA, Target ROAS, at Commerce Shop our eCommerce digital marketing experts are continuously honing their skills to be your favorite digital marketing partner and coach.

Recent studies show average conversion rates for In-Market Audiences are 10% higher than average. Google’s algorithm is now smart enough to know which ad in your ad group best serves the researcher. With advanced and in-depth knowledge and the fundamental principles of PPC marketing, our SMEs will develop a great management methodology and continuously tuning your successful campaigns.


So how do you optimize Google Adwords?

You must simply do three things continuously very well.

  • Get in front of motivated customers at the precise moment they’re ready to make a purchase
  • Have the highest quality score
  • Generate the most conversions for the best price

At Commerce Shop we achieve these results by following a thorough optimization process that looks like this


Comprehensive keyword research and management strategy

Identifying potential customers and optimization for search intent

Our iterative approach begins with finding the right audience to target based on their intents to buy. Classifying intents based on phases of research like awareness, discovery and buying, we create ad copy with customer intent-based keywords.

Ad strategy

We develop an industry specific strategy that is based on your products and clients.


Bid & performance optimization

Optimize click through rates (CTR) by having logical keywords and the right account structure that includes:

Ad campaigns » Ad groups » Keywords » Ad text

Landing pages » Hours of the day/days of the week » Location

You account structure/architecture should look like this.

Bid & performance optimization

The smarter the bidding strategy is the better visibility your ads get. Our bidding strategy takes into account factors like time of ad display, competitor’s bid and more. We optimize performance on the go by tweaking ad copy, monitoring conversions rates and CTRs. We create Ad groups and keyword usage based on seasonal requirements because search trends fluctuate in accordance with changing customer preferences in different seasons. We target different sets of products and top sellers that align best with current search trends.


“Ad Rank” improvement

This is done by the combination of your CPC bid and your Google ad quality score. Increasing your quality score directly increases your rank.

Ad Rank = CPC Bid X Quality Score


Performance monitoring

Continuously measuring performance of search results for :

  • Wasted spend
  • Click-through rate
  • Quality Score
  • Negative keyword usage and more….


Regular Reviews

Ad copy text will carry benefit statements that grabs the target customer’s attention instantly. Our digital marketing experts monitor Google’s bidding strategy and bid to achieve higher ranking for lowest bidding. We analyze keywords with high search volumes to reach out maximum audiences.


Advanced features opportunities

Our meticulous approach in understanding Google’s adwords updates will make us identify new features that focus in expanding the brand reach and improving conversion. We also suggest recommendations for higher ROI.

As mentioned earlier Google’s quality score examines your content which means you should not solely rely on a standalone PPC strategy. eCommece marketing is getting more and more sophisticated. With voice search and IoT gaining lots of traction, we also have to learn how to optimize for Google’s blackbox RankBrain. Because Rankbrain weighs your target users’ search intent, it is sort of the Quality Score equivalent for SEO. Our SEO experts will gladly help you here too.

Results you can have too.

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increase in PLA revenue
ROI increased

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