Amplify Your Ecommerce Reach & Sales With Our Social Media Marketing

Why should you invest in Social Media Marketing?

83% of buyers say Instagram helps them discover new products.

70% of buyers trust recommendations from strangers on social media.

Businesses see an ROI of up to $18 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

64% of consumers say they have made a purchase after seeing a social media ad.

Retargeted ads on social media reach 10X more than regular ads.

Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users, while Instagram helps reach 1.2 billion eyeballs.

We’ve Launched ROI-positive Social Media Campaigns for 100+ Brands

  • Sharwin Williams
  • Aidan Gray
  • Lands End
  • Good State
  • Hi Vis
  • Bitpay
  • All Things Barbecue
  • Vietri
  • Fab Habitat
  • Alekoproducts
  • i Blason
  • Deals All Year

What can we do for you?

Channel-specific Social Media Services

We create specialized services tailored for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. Knowing the specific capabilities and nuances of each platform allows us to tailor our services to your specific goals.

Strategy Planning, Research, & Analysis

We create an exclusive social media strategy for your brand by thoroughly understanding your audience, goals, and market landscape. We ensure our strategy is effective and relevant, and helps you gain a competitive edge.

Account Creation & Branding

Our social media experts work closely with you to develop a strong brand identity that aligns with your vision and resonates with your target audience. We can also optimize your social media pages and maintain them.

Content Creation & Publishing

Content creation is mission-critical to the success of social media marketing. We can boost your social media reach by creating and publishing high-quality and engaging content. We handle everything from ad copies to graphic design and videos and beyond.

Campaign & Community Management

We can launch successful social media campaigns that are optimized for maximum reach, engagement, and desirable results. We also offer community management services to help you build and maintain strong relationships with your followers.

Organic & Paid Engagement

We help you achieve your social media objectives through both organic and paid outreach. Organic engagement fosters targeted outreach, while paid advertising services help you see results faster.

Our Guarantees

Minimum 50% Or More Revenue Growth

Save 70-80% On Your Ad Spend

Increase in CTR% and CRO%

Increase in Average Order Size

Decrease in Customer Acquisition Costs

We are a certified advertising partner for all leading marketing platforms

certified advertising partner
certified advertising partner

Reach out to your buyers wherever they are. Our services include

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular, powerful, and widely-used platforms, with billions of active users. We help you target the right audience on Facebook and create visually appealing ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. Our advanced analytics and reporting help you to track your ad performance and optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and conversions.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a great choice, especially for B2C and D2C eCommerce brands. Our Instagram marketing services not only help you increase your brand’s visibility and reach on the platform but also allow you to sell directly on the platform. We help you drive optimal engagement by creating image posts, interactive stories, carousels, reels, videos, sponsored posts, etc.

LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest

B2B platforms like Linkedin should be your go-to social media channel if your target audience includes working professionals and businesses. We help you leverage the full power of these robust platforms, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, and convert them into strong revenue streams for your eCommerce business.

TikTok Ads

Our TikTok marketing services are best suited for eCommerce brands that cater their products to younger audiences. We create and launch successful TikTok marketing campaigns and take care of everything right from creative conceptualization to ad optimization. We ensure that you expand your reach through TikTok and get the most out of your ad spend.

Influencer Marketing Services

Today, shoppers tend to believe the recommendations from popular influencers more than reviews from fellow buyers. Our Influencer marketing services help you partner with the right influencers in your niche who can do all the talking for you. We also take care of negotiating terms with them and measuring results.

Any other channel of your choice

We understand that each eCommerce business has different target audiences who engage on various social media. We help you identify the best social media channel for your goals and devise channel-specific strategies. We also help you strengthen your omnichannel presence.


Here’s How We Help You Succeed in Social Media Marketing


  • Assess your business goals, social media pages & target audience

  • Identify the social media channel(s) best suited for you

  • Create a customized growth roadmap for your social media marketing

  • Set goals and strategize a plan of action


  • Create and publish effective content

  • Create organic and/or sponsored posts with specified goals

  • Create campaigns in all content formats like images, videos, polls, stories, etc.

  • Track and measure the performance of the ads and posts


  • Improve audience targeting based on the metrics

  • Perform A/B testing for accurate takeaways and real-time learning

  • Track conversions and optimize the ad campaigns

  • Continue social media marketing to boost followers and generate leads

Your brand + Our Social Media Strategy = Incredible Benefits

  • list Increase in online store traffic
  • list Enhanced brand awareness
  • list Cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • list Improved customer support through social media chat
  • list Better insights into your target audience
  • list Increased customer retention through regular engagement
  • list Enhanced online reputation management
  • list Better reach compared to traditional marketing
  • list Reduced customer acquisition costs
  • list Multifold increase in ROAS

Our Success Stories

Social Media Management

Discover How We Boosted PPC Revenue by 51.86% in Just 7 Months for an Automotive Brand through Expert SEO Strategies.

Social Media Management

Discover How We Boosted PPC Revenue by 51.86% in Just 7 Months for an Activewear Brand through Expert SEO Strategies.

Convert Your Social Media Presence Into A Strong Revenue Stream