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Good maintenance of your eCommerce website helps establish your brand in the digital market. Our experts develop the best maintenance strategy improving the standards of your business in all departments like UI, customer augmentation, branding and more.

eCommerce maintenance services

The Commerce Shop’s maintenance services include:

  • A visually appealing robust store
  • Custom design and redesign of your website
  • Creative email campaigns that convert to actions
  • Enhanced fortification of your eCommerce assets and customer information
  • User friendly features appropriately tailored for your website
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
eCommerce Maintenance to Sustain Business Growth

eCommerce maintenance to sustain business growth

As an eCommerce owner, the greatest challenge for you is handling downtime. Every downtime can cost you sales. The Commerce Shop helps you avoid downtime problems and offers custom eCommerce maintenance services.

How we grow your online business.

Custom Modules

The Commerce Shop is ready to assist you across all your business processes. From troubleshooting to restructuring poor performing URLs, we ensure that your website functions properly. We help you turn shopping into an enjoyable experience.


Analytics is vital to your business success. Our Magento maintenance plan considers factors like site page loading speeds, downtime reports, malware and much more. We proactively search for problems and deliver appropriate solutions.

Creative Design

Excellent maintenance involves sustaining a design that matches the evolving trends in the digital market. Our design enhancement team employ design best practices, image optimization, banner placements, UI and UX improvements.

Performance Optimization

Beginning with speed testing, we dive into every single detail of your website like https requests, caching techniques, CDN, Ajax modules and other metrics necessary for optimizing performance for your online store.

What more can you expect?

Seamless functioning of an eCommerce website requires ardent maintenance. If you are having trouble driving traffic to your site and meeting business goals, it’s time you seek maintenance services from our eCommerce specialists at The Commerce Shop.

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