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Moving to another platform is just the beginning of the story. Fresh thinking coupled with deep experience can help you drive sustained business growth. Because in the end it is outcomes that matter.



Highly experienced team of replatforming experts who deliver both standard and complex migration projects within fixed timelines and budgets. Expertise in helping customers enable and scale their commerce vision.



Our AGILE process, obsession with outcomes and attention to detail help us deliver migration services at speed and scale without compromise. We take care of your front end, integrations, extensions, custom modules and beyond.



Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, Salesforce are a few of the eCommerce platforms we work with every day. Whatever platform you choose to grow your business on we ensure you see the best results.

Outcomes delivered

Enhanced Site Security

Enhanced Site Security

Improved Scalability

Improved Scalability

Cost Predictability

Cost Predictability

Enriched Customer Journeys

Enriched Customer Journeys

Migration is more than just flipping a switch. Work with a team that gets it right

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Nothing gets left behind

Nothing gets left behind.
Except your old platform.

Replatforming is a big move for any eCommerce business. Are worries about missing extensions, integrations and the loss of your favorite design templates preventing you from taking the next step? We carefully retain what you love.

Switch platforms without worrying about losing custom functionality. We identify non-standard, custom functionalities of your site and it on your new eCommerce platform.

Seamless migration of

Product and Customer Data

Product and customer data

Third Party Extensions

Third party extensions

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings

SEO Data

SEO data

eCommerce platform migration workflow


Migration Plan

Migration plan


Mapping Migration

Mapping migration


Module Installation And Development

Module installation and development


Data Migration

Data migration


Theme Installation And Development

Theme installation and development


Further Synchronization

Further synchronization


Make Store Live

Make store live

replatforming solutions

Front end

Our UI and customer design experts combine technical know-how with inspiring visual designs to help you delight and engage customers. From storefronts optimized for every screen to adherence to industry norms such as ADA,we enable you to quickly move from concept to go-live in record time.

Back end

Our back end development team have years of experience in migrating B2B and B2C brands. They ensure exceptional functionality and high performance across all platforms. Our back end team is highly experienced in programming languages and frameworks and have built scalable and dependable solutions for brands across the spectrum.

A.C.E – Replatforming services at the speed of light

Accelerated. Customizable. End to end.

TheCommerceShop offers replatforming services at the speed of light. We enable your store to get up and running in just a few months. It is a specially designed replatforming solution that is built to enable eCommerce stores to get to market within 90 days.

We offer

  • Limited theme options that start out beautiful
  • Fixed replatforming cost
  • Free replatforming assessment
  • Post-launch support
A.C.E - Replatforming services at the speed of light

Replatforming needn’t be so time-consuming or expensive.

Let’s change that

With you every step of the way…

Tired of opaque processes and unresponsive support? It can be unnerving to migrate to a new platform. That is why we ensure we’re transparent, result-oriented, and most importantly with you to close the opportunity gap between where you are and where you could be.


We design and develop components that support and propel business growth across all platforms.


Not all migration needs are the same. We offer custom migration services.

Go from good to great

A good storefront, a decent customer experience and an okay design is not enough. Go from good to great.

With you every step of the way…

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From an interactive and attractive user interface to a robust and fully functional eCommerce, The Commerce Shop has developed world-class eCommerce websites to help clients meet their business goals.

Migrate to any eCommerce platform without losing data or traffic

Are you considering an migration? We are more than happy to give free consultations.