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10 proven eCommerce marketing strategies to improve conversions
Fact: eCommerce spending is expected to hit the 5 trillion mark by 2020. By 2021 eCommerce sales will account for 17.5% of total retail sales across the globe.

Streamlining and personalizing the shopping experience is the biggest challenge facing eCommerce businesses. Most eCommerce shops fold up and shut their doors within the first couple of years. And it can usually be tied back to not understanding where their audience is and how to reach them.

This white paper explores the various ways eCommerce retailers and businesses can attract and retain online buyers.

What will you find in this white paper?

  • Ways to make your eCommerce website a conversion magneto
  • How to rethink the sales funnel to improve business outcomes
  • Mobile commerce optimization and UX tips
  • Personalization best practices
  • Proven customer retention strategies to increase revenue

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