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Magento Development

Commerce Shop is an open source eCommerce dev shop. Our Magento developers make sure your cart is full, your checkout process fun and your abandonment rate ridiculously low.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Development

We Specialize In Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment & Custom Checkout Experiences

We’ve built custom carts and shops for all types of industries. Along the way we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, crafting our own eCommerce cart tools and shopping cart experiences.

Magento CRO
Our Conversion Rate Optimiztion (CRO) team decreases your bounce rates and increases sales with our databased CRO method.
Magento eCommerce Development
We create a fantastic shopping cart experience with the best in class, scalable eCommerce platform.

What Our Customers Say

Our eCommerce Projects

W3ll People Web Development
W3ll People
Industry : eCommerce
Website redesign to have better brand alignment with their online presence. Restructured their product and category list pages. Upgraded to latest Magento version. Increased site speed by 20%...
  • Magento Icon  Magento
  • HTML 5
Wallaroo Hat Company eCommerce Web Development
Wallaroo Hats
Industry : eCommerce
Implemented user review system, allowing customers to learn more about the products and rate them. We increased their wholesale clients by 65% by creating a custom Wholesaler Portal, where wholesalers can create an account, make purchases and payments easily.
  • Drupal
  • HTML 5
Trajaani web Development
Industry : eCommerce
Created custom multi-vendor marketplace on Magento 2. Created SEO friendly URLs, product pages and category pages. Optimized site speed better performance and lower bounce rates...
  • Magento Icon  Magento
  • HTML 5
Everyone Does It Web Development
Everyone Does It
Industry : eCommerce
Upgraded to latest version of Magento Community. Installed PhP 7 to optimize site performance. Currently working on creating multiple country sites and storefronts...
  • Magento Icon  Magento
  • HTML 5
Lo Cost Medical Supply Web Development
LoCost Medical
Industry : eCommerce
Created a dynamic sitemap, allowing Google to crawl thousands of previously hidden products. Shortened URLs for product pages for better SEO. Migrated from a shared server to AWS platform...
  • Magento Icon  Magento
  • HTML 5
Divers Supply Web Development
Divers Supply
Industry : eCommerce
Streamlined and optimized their shopping cart and checkout process. Updated and migrated from Magento 1.7 to 1.9. We installed several CRO plugins and extensions.
  • Magento Icon  Magento
  • HTML 5

About Commerce Shop

The Commerce Shop is an open source eCommerce dev shop based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, specializing in Magento development and CRO. Our team solely focuses on:

  Reducing shopping cart abandonment.      Creating custom checkout processes.      Making the online shopping experience fun.

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