Get a headstart by using eCommerce mobile pages with AMP.

Accelerate mobile pages to outrun the competition.

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for eCommerce?

Faster loading speed provides better conversions and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) helps eCommerce stores achieve exactly that across every mobile touchpoint. AMP doesn’t let you compromise on functionality.

  • 20% increase in sales conversions
  • 10% increase in website traffic
  • 2x increase in time spent on page
  • 10,500 developers using AMP
  • 4 Billion+ AMP pages published
  • 25 Million domains are using AMP pages
AMP Stats
Know Your  Accelerated Mobile Pages  Score Right Away!

List of perks for using AMP on mobile pages.

SERP Positions
Being a Google initiative, the AMP-powered pages naturally earn better positions in search engine ranking pages.
Analytics Clarity
The amp-analytics feature allows tracking metrics like unique visits, total visitors, clicking through rates, conversion rates and so on.
Enhanced Experience
Users get faster and elevated experience in terms of page transitions while maneuvering within your website.
AMP eCommerce
Instant Rendering
The built-in caching model renders pages within a second and the dedicated CDN loads multimedia and files faster.
Visual Appeal
AMP powered-pages provide a better visual appeal and readability contributing to an engaging user experience.
Speed Indicator
AMP facilitated pages hints users of a faster loading speed by carrying a lightning bolt symbol which will improve traffic.

AMP – The ‘Secret Sauce’ that makes AMP what it is.


The ripped version of HTML that corrects poor page loading speed experiences.

AMP Javascript
AMP JavaScript

Specially toned down version of JavaScript for mobile pages that achieves faster page loading time through asynchronous loading.


An AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network (CDN) for delivering valid AMP documents.

How we do it?

We are a full service eCommerce agency that specializes in all things eCommerce.

By combining our experience with AMP expertise, our AMP developers can bolt in an entire cross-section of AMP pages that steadily guide users to checkout without compromising brand experience.

  • UI and UX
  • Social Experience
  • Cart & Checkout
  • Search Experience
  • Content & Display
  • Analytics

  • Expertise in leveraging AMP Elements for a rich user experience
  • Responsiveness added with support for custom fonts, templates, buttons and form elements
  • UI and UX standards that replicates web experience in every pixel
UI and UX

  • Replicating social experience customers enjoy in web version.
  • Facilitating capabilities to share products via social platforms and amplify product reach.
  • Expertise in social media AMP components dedicated for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.
Social Experience

  • Smooth transitions between product pages and checkout
  • Accommodating existing security and payment options
  • Seamless cart page experience that branches out to main site
Cart & Checkout

  • Customizations to control content display to shoppers
  • Related search and multi-view displays to improve pageviews
Search Experience

  • Explicitly showcase images and videos for better conversion and user engagement
  • Scroll-bound animations to create parallax, zoom in / out effects
Content & Display

  • Video analytics to collect user engagement data
  • Page analytics to get information directly from pages


  • Arrow Can AMP pages be tracked with analytics?
  • Yes. For this you can use the amp-analytics feature which is specially developed for fetching metrics from AMP pages through Google Analytics.
  • Arrow Will AMP improve the SEO quotient of web pages?
  • No. AMP Pages directly don’t affect SEO but owing to the significant improvement in page speed, Google will prefer them for organic search results.
  • Arrow Is AMP only for mobile?
  • AMP is an initiative to make web pages load faster across all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However a few experiences are specifically meant for mobile phones.
  • Arrow What are the browsers that support AMP?
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera support AMP. However, it is better to have the latest versions of these browsers for a better AMP experience.
  • Arrow How to mobile friendliness of a website?
  • To test the mobile friendliness quotient of a website, the Google Mobile-friendly Validator can be used.

Let’s build value together

We welcome opportunities that challenge us to build new solutions. Tell us your eCommerce requirements and let’s discuss on how we can help achieve your goals. Our eCommerce consultants will get in touch with you soon.