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The Commerce Shop is focused on creating compelling inroads in the eCommerce space; we transform brands by delivering experiences that change how people engage with the world around them…

Enabling Best-in-class AR & VR Experiences

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the latest buzz words in the eCommerce world!

According to a survey conducted by Walker Sands stated that 1400 shoppers in the US fancied in-store experiences than buying their products online. This presents the eCommerce industry with a challenge to redefine the shopping experience and take it to a whole new level. In other words, convince the online shoppers by presenting something similar to the physical store experience.

At The Commerce Shop, we attract more potential customers and help them make better decisions by providing the sense of a physical store. Using both VR and AR technologies, we immerse your potential buyers more profoundly into the commerce experience to achieve your marketing goals. Our VR and AR solutions let your potential buyers get in touch with you on all devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

Add a new level of intrigue to the online shopping experience for your online shoppers!

Enabling Best-in-class AR & VR Experiences

Attract More Visitors To Your Product Pages & Drive More Sales

Where to Implement Virtual Reality?

Implement Virtual Reality in B2CImplement Virtual Reality in B2C

Implement Virtual Reality in FashionImplement Virtual Reality in Fashion

Implement Virtual Reality in JewelryImplement Virtual Reality in Jewelry

Implement Virtual Reality in RetailImplement Virtual Reality in Retail

Implement Virtual Reality in FurnitureImplement Virtual Reality in Furniture

Implement Virtual Reality in Real EstateImplement Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Implement Virtual Reality in Interior DesignImplement Virtual Reality in Interior Design

Implement Virtual Reality in ElectronicImplement Virtual Reality in Electronic

Implement Virtual Reality in Travel & HospitalityImplement Virtual Reality in Travel & Hospitality

Where to Implement Augmented Reality?

Implement Augmented Reality in B2CImplement Augmented Reality in B2C

Implement Augmented Reality in FashionImplement Augmented Reality in Fashion

Implement Augmented Reality in JewelryImplement Augmented Reality in Jewelry

Implement Augmented Reality in RetailImplement Augmented Reality in Retail

Implement Augmented Reality in FurnitureImplement Augmented Reality in Furniture

Implement Augmented Reality in Real EstateImplement Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Implement Augmented Reality in Interior DesignImplement Augmented Reality in Interior Design

Implement Augmented Reality in ElectronicImplement Augmented Reality in Electronic

Implement Augmented Reality in Travel & HospitalityImplement Augmented Reality in Travel & Hospitality

Here’s Why You Should Go For The Commerce Shop’s VR and AR Solutions For Your eCommerce Business



All industries can profit from these technological advancements. At The Commerce Shop, we conceptualize to attract and deliver the best for your buyer. VR and AR are robust and one-stop solutions that can provide real-life shopping experiences to your customer’s home.



VR and AR work for all industries. Therefore, we build solutions specific to the industry to provide a rich, enhanced, seamless, and physical sense of shopping experience that is safe, secure, quick, and more engaging than ever.

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