The Role of Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce in 2022

The Role of Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce in 2021

Augmented Reality in eCommerce (AR) has given a significant breakthrough for the industry as buyers can now use the 3D models in real environments, supporting faster decision-making. In other words, a buyer can see how the product – let’s go by an example; a recliner fits into his living room before placing the order. The significant advantage is that Augmented Reality now works on smartphones, which indicates the number of customers who can handle it is vast and continually increasing.

Augmented Reality in 2021

Augmented Reality has been effectively trending for two years now, even though its early origins can be traced to the 1960s. All credits go to the Cupertino smartphone maker Apple and search engine giant Google who expanded their AR features capabilities. Now, it has become a sensation in the eCommerce business world as more and more eCommerce sites are hooked on implementing it to boost sales.

Approximately 47% of smartphone users are now using AR on their devices. Growth at this rate promises more prominence in the next couple of years. Augmented Reality in 2021 is likely to witness significant development.

Redefine eCommerce Experience With Compelling Technology

Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Augmented Reality in eCommerce is gaining more popularity even among the non-tech-savvy crowd. Initially, it was games that popularized Augmented Reality besides the various one-off types of marketing campaigns. But, there were compatible devices in fewer numbers those days. Even though Augmented Reality is widely used in multiple industries, it is the eCommerce industry embracing it more at the present times.

Where Can Augmented Reality Be Implemented?

Where Can Augmented Reality Be Implemented?

The Importance of Augmented Reality in eCommerce Development

New technology development enhances the reach and fills the gap! Augmented Reality – the latest entrant in the technology world and has been summoned to a similar task. The way it interacts with users is mind-blowing as it brings about confirmed sales. Augmented Reality in eCommerce brings unparalleled value, particularly better product presentation against the background of the customer’s individual environment.

Starting an Augmented Reality experience is really easy and can be done immediately from the product page. The potential buyer needs to return to the product page after seeing the item in Augmented Reality.

Wrapping Up

eCommerce sites that are already well-established online should look at ways opening customer paths with experiences related to Augmented Reality. The immediate requirement is to create digital content in AR. Under today’s requirements, it should be adapted to mobile devices’ graphic capabilities. AR implementation may be more critical for brands that target customers who are more likely to have AR-supporting devices.

If you have questions on how to go about implementing it, we welcome you for a free discussion with our experts.