10 interesting facts about Commerce Cloud no one told you about

10 interesting facts about Commerce Cloud no one told you about

eCommerce has emerged as one of the most influential growth channels and is a top business initiative today. Demandware is shaping the future of eCommerce as it helps convert more customers and grow the brand faster. The enterprise-ready Software as a service (SAAS) eCommerce platform Demandware utilizes a revenue share model.

Therefore, businesses can use the platform in exchange for a share of the revenue generated via the platform. It offers the best platform to respond with speed and agility to new market opportunities.

If you want to propel your eCommerce growth in 2019, here are the top 10 interesting facts about Demandware that are supercritical, so continue reading and try implementing it without fail.

Working in the Cloud

The first and foremost of all strategies are moving to the cloud. Computing is ever-changing, and 2019 will be no different. Commerce Cloud is gaining steam, and the benefit it brings is worth taking.

It cuts down the software buying and maintenance expense and at the same time gives you access to the best software services. It also eliminates the troubles of conventional software procurements, which is proving expensive for start-ups.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Commerce Cloud helps stay ahead of the curve when it comes to commerce innovation and growth. It offers the best platform to narrate your brand story and enhance the customer experience. Therefore, define your persona correctly; look for a unique angle or well-defined subset of your buyer group. Your persona is a description of your target audience, thereby, let it include: Interests, Demographics, and Personal interests. This approach will help you in thriving healthily and quickly.

Commerce Cloud Development

Demandware Cloud-based eCommerce platform with mobile, AI personalization, order management capabilities, free you from the costs of building, managing, and modernizing the hardware and infrastructure of in-house systems.

Besides that, it also enables authorized users to freely access the same customer, business data, and inventory in real-time from any location or device. The multi-tenant architecture, regular digital health checks to identify security flaws are some of the other supporting reasons to choose Demandware eCommerce Development. If you have selected Demandware eCommerce Development, then you can stay rest assured that your business is on the path to success.

Search-engine Friendliness

With Demandware eCommerce Development efficiently manage your Title tags, Meta descriptions, and keywords so that you can easily optimize at-will for the search engines. Automatically generate keyword-rich URLs based on the product and category names that is XHTML 1.0 strict compliant. This approach helps in better positioning your business in the ever-changing online environment and increasing customer demands and expectations.

PCI Compliant Hosting and Security Feature

It is essential to understand the PCI Compliance as you’ll need to understand your role in complying with the DSS (Data Security Standards). Finding a provider who can host the website in a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment is essential. The Demandware eCommerce company provides an excellent platform for businesses that want to go global and who are enthusiastic in running multiple brands easily using the same platform.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Upselling encourages customers to buy a relatively top-end product than the one in question while Cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Both offer distinct advantages and can be useful in tandem. Be sure to make these techniques a part of your product marketing plan both online and offline. Demandware eCommerce shopping cart technology provides such automated features to accomplish these marketing strategies for you with some simple set-up, make use of it.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a potent product-marketing tool. Research shows that even bad reviews help to sell more products than not showing reviews for a product at all. Demandware eCommerce solution lets customers post reviews of the products that you sell. Always review the posts before you choose to display them as a product review will help validate a website’s reputation; it helps weed out underperforming businesses.

Scale Up Content Marketing

Commerce Cloud Development empowers multi-million dollar businesses to gain a competitive edge and grow faster on various digital channels, including social, web, and mobile. To boost SEO rankings, increase traffic, and leads, you need to have great content on your blog and website. Start a blog, have a content marketing plan in place, know your audience, and present great content. In due course of time, your online popularity will grow, and you’ll witness a surge in the online traffic.

Email Marketing and Promotions

Create informative and exciting content to publish on your website’s blog section, and the content will start driving traffic to your site. Make use of this opportunity and start growing your email list. You’ll be able to build and maintain your email list, and the best part is that you’ll own it as well. With this, you’ll be able to target the right set of audience and become the most preferred shopping channel of most customers, B2C and B2B buyers alike.

Personalized Buying Experience

Be it a B2C or B2B brand, every online shopper/buyer today wants a customized buying experience. It is essential to know the customers on an individual level. The business needs an intelligent, automated system that can generate valuable insights from consumer behavior in real-time. In simple, you’ll need artificial intelligence.

Effortlessly, AI handles enormous amounts of customer data, which it analyzes and uses to produce actionable insights. Make use of the ideas to grow your business.

Wrap Up

Launching a new website is a time-consuming process; however, with Demandware, you can significantly cut down the time spent on setting up the infrastructure of a new website. It is an excellent platform that can automatically scale and support your business objectives. Technically, you’ll find more time to spend on innovation and focus on creating a high class, seamless online experience.

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