27 ways to grow your Shopify store without investing a single dollar

27 ways to grow your Shopify store without investing a single dollar

Are you a Shopify website owner looking to grow your store without investing in pricey marketing campaigns?

If yes, let me tell you that there are many ways to do this – options available for entrepreneurs who don’t have an unlimited budget but want to really amplify their digital presence.

Here, I’ve compiled 27 suggestions on how Store Owners can take advantage of low or no-cost promotional activities that can help drive more leads and traffic to their shop.

Interested? Read on and discover the exciting methods that can make a big impact on your online business!

Let’s face it. It is not the best of times to run a business. But despite shrinking budgets. Despite a volatile economy. And despite the naysayers asking you to, “put things on hold”, your marketing mustn’t stop.

Grow your store without investing a single dollar.

Let’s show you how.

  1. Provide a small discount coupon for people who share your content/ updates on social media. Build your brand’s presence on social media easily and connect with your customers. Sounds cool?
  2. Use Help A Reporter (HARO) and reach out to journalists who are looking out for stories. Free PR can help you see an immediate spike in traffic.
  3. Cross-sell aggressively. Offer lots of relevant product suggestions and make people stay back and click on that “buy” button.
  4. Drive repeat business through collecting feedback. It makes customers feel special. A one tap app like Fetch can help you collect customer feedback quickly.
  5. Focus on SEO. Use long tail keywords that are less competitive but yet can drive traffic through the door.
  6. Post your product images on Pinterest with clear and SEO optimized product descriptions. It is a referral powerhouse and Pinterest users love to shop!
  7. Utilize Shopify’s community programs. Shopify runs a ton of useful community programs that can help you increase brand visibility.
  8. Work on your CTAs. Create CTAs that are direct, compel visitors to take action and are easily visible.
  9. Create video tutorials on Youtube aimed towards attracting your target audience.
  10. Leverage referral marketing. Add links to review sites in your email and on your most-visited webpages.
  11. Optimize for voice search. Differentiate your brand from your competitors by integrating interactive voice selling into your Shopify site.
  12. Offer unexpected gifts to your customers. A small handwritten thank-you note is enough to pull at the heartstrings of your customers. Remember, they are going through an uncertain time as well.
  13. Send automated push-notifications to re-engage shoppers.
  14. Cross promote with other Shopify sellers who cater to the same target demographic as you. It will also clue you into what works and what doesn’t.
  15. Everybody loves a good sale. Use Shopify to discount products and run a flash sale to trigger the oft used FOMO effect!
  16. Find your niche and engage them through Reddit.
  17. Integrate your Shopify store with major eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. eBay, Etsy, etc.
  18. Write guest posts for popular websites that are relevant to your target audience.
  19. Use an attractive pop up with a powerful CTA to drive sales.
  20. Create gated content or coupon codes and collect the contact information of your store visitors’ to send targeted promotional campaigns.
  21. Reduce abandoned carts by creating limited time offers for shoppers who are about to exit your Shopify store.
  22. Use sales motivators such as “Shop for $10 more and get free shipping”. It is the best way to upsell without being pushy.
  23. Create killer email content to attract, engage and retain shoppers.
  24. Use promo bars on your site to promote top-selling products.
  25. Create an insta-shop if you don’t have one already. Instagram is quickly becoming an eCommerce powerhouse. Get on that wagon.
  26. Post product demonstration videos on Facebook and highlight key benefits.
  27. Ensure that you have a strong brand story to tell. It is the most effective way to bring in and retain shoppers.

Now more than ever it is essential to stay competitive and grow your business. A shopify development company can offer guidance and assistance to not only help keep your business afloat, but also to help you succeed without investing a single dollar.

With the right shopify development strategies, an increase in profits can be achieved without ever breaking the bank. With careful planning and attention to details, even the most volatile economy will not be able to hinder growth.

Harnessing the power of today’s technology can bring success with minimal effort and investment. So don’t listen to those naysayers telling you to put things on hold; instead find yourself a shopify development company that will work with you in order for you to get back on track and once again become profitable.

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