• By Serena George
  • October 25, 2022

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Have you heard experts predict this year’s $6.54 trillion in eCommerce sales?

We live in a digital world, online retailers face several difficulties. With so many stores to choose from, competition is tight. This isn’t a stroll through the park. People can use Google to look up prices, compare them to their competitors, and decide what to buy before visiting your website. One of the best ways to identify bottlenecks and prioritize rectification of your online store is to conduct a free SEO Audit.

Businesses that rely on online sales must employ cutting-edge eCommerce marketing methods to be competitive with established names in the industry.

Learn the tried-and-true methods employed by successful eCommerce SEO Services to increase revenue in the year 2022.

These methods will lead you to victory. No matter how many strategies we provide for you, success ultimately depends on how well you implement them.

Because most individuals will disregard or ignore advice that has already been proven effective.

Rather than being discouraging, we want to encourage you to read, put into practice, and experience unprecedented growth in your business’s revenue.

As a company, we’ve found that the following digital marketing strategies for eCommerce sites have the most significant influence on our client’s bottom lines.

So let us get started:

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Your initial digital marketing plan should include the use of AI if you want to have a significant impact on sales from your online store.

Collecting and using data to anticipate a user’s next move is crucial. Helpful information about how users interact with your site may be gleaned from measurable measures like conversion, bounce, and engagement rates.

It’s as easy as anticipating your consumers’ next moves and using AI to capitalize on the situation. Although the customer’s final decision ultimately rests in their hands, being in front of the right person at the right time can significantly impact them.

You can use the information you collect to make changes to your site that will increase conversions and customer loyalty.

More clients will come back, use your items, and leave positive feedback if they have a good experience the first time.

To make repeat customers’ shopping experiences more convenient, the algorithms analyze customer data to determine which products they have previously viewed and clicked on.

The goods are featured prominently. Artificial intelligence can also enhance back-end logistics, creating a more positive customer purchase and delivery experience.

Cart Abandon Rate: Why and how to improve

Let’s examine how this particular eCommerce digital marketing strategy template will affect sales. As previously indicated, the most common reason customers abandon their carts is a lack of appropriate delivery alternatives.

n almost 69% of cases, this is because of hidden costs like shipping.

Overly cumbersome checkout processes, requiring customers to set up an account, and poor website performance, such as delayed loading and crashes, were all factors in customer abandonment.

Introducing an email recovery strategy is excellent for dealing with cart abandonment. If a consumer abandons their Cart, you can re-engage them by emailing them.

Sales Cycle reports that roughly one-third of recovery emails result in a closed transaction. Merchants also frequently miss the boat on enhancing cart recovery emails’ potential for consumer engagement and revenue creation, even though doing so would not significantly impact users’ experiences.

Marketers can use this method to reduce shopping cart abandonment, boost AOV, and strengthen customer loyalty by adjusting several template variables in their email recovery messages.

Your site being Mobile-friendly

“The power of the Sun in the palm of my hands,” as Doctor Octopus put it, is accurate for the eCommerce stores looking at more significant revenue generation.

Seven percent of smartphone owners had recently completed an online purchase using their mobile device, per a survey by Outer box. Your website must be accessible on mobile devices.

Among the luxuries that would be welcome are the following:

  • An adaptive shopping cart that follows the user around the page means no more scrolling up to access it.
  • Simple, prominent “Add to Cart” links that let shoppers quickly start shopping
  • Google found that 73% of users will abandon a mobile site that isn’t optimized for their devices in favor of one that is, according to Adweek.

Not that you have to create a unique app for your e-commerce site, but understanding your consumers’ shopping habits will allow you to give them the visual aids they require to complete their transactions with ease.

Customers Re-targeting

The vast majority (97%) of first-time site visitors will only make a purchase and return if there’s some way to get them back.

If a customer visits your website but decides not to buy, a retargeting campaign can bring them back. When a user visits your site, you can retarget them with adverts based on buyers’ persona.

Google AdWords, Facebook Remarketing, LinkedIn Ads, and other retargeting platforms might be used to carry out retargeting campaigns.

To build relationships with their audience, generate sales, and keep customers happy, serious marketers today employ retargeting.

Customers need to feel comfortable with you and your business before they’ll commit to purchasing your goods or services.

According to a marketing rule of thumb, consumers need to be exposed to your message seven times before they are ready to make a purchase decision.

By showing your ads to people who are interested in what you have to offer, retargeting helps raise awareness of your brand and increase sales.

Successful e-commerce sites rely heavily on retargeting strategies.

The strategies mentioned above are only a handful of many possible, but they are the ones we have selected to help you reach your goals.

Your website’s success in generating income and becoming more customer-centric may hinge on aspects such as its use of artificial intelligence, its Cart Abandoned rate, its mobile-friendliness, and its use of retargeting.

In this case, the why is less important than the what. If you know what you’re doing with your eCommerce digital marketing Strategy, you can give your eCommerce business a significant boost.

TheCommerceShop, also offers a free SEO audit – something that simply offers you a genuine understanding of your eCommerce store. Web design and Digital advertising in one convenient package for you.

It would help if you let us use our over ten years of experience in this industry to help you achieve success.

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