7 Simple And Smart Ways To Boost Your eCommerce Revenue

7 Simple And Smart Ways To Boost Your eCommerce Revenue

Most of the eCommerce businesses face consumer drop-offs issue at a certain point of time. However, according to some research among the e-tailers, almost 68% of the drop-off occurs in the checkout process. This means that customers add the items in the cart but don’t finally make the purchase. This is utterly frustrating for the online business owners. There are a plethora of reasons behind this drop-off scene. Here is a list of 7 smart ways to design such an effective checkout process that can help you to boost the rates of business conversion in an online business.

Simplicity Is The Key To Success

Make sure to offer your customers a simple and short checkout process. When closing the sale is the main concern, do not distract the customers with excessive other available deals and ads. There is a high chance that the customers might lose interest to make the purchase anymore. Another advice is not to ask the customers for unnecessary and irrelevant information. Ask only such information that is compulsory for completing the purchase process.

Make Mobile Site Intriguing

The more mobile technology is advancing, the more the craze of online shopping through various mobile websites is increasing. Hence, you should devise such an eCommerce site that works extremely well even if customers access it from their respective smartphones. Nowadays, making an online store mobile-compatible is crucial for augmenting the business conversion rate.

Don’t Charge Any Hidden Cost

When a customer finds out that he/she needs to pay extra bucks that they were not aware of before adding the items to the cart, they seem to abandon the purchase process. So, it is advisable that do not give a shock to the customers by adding some hidden cost when they are about to check out and make the purchase! Obviously, certain extra costs like shipping charges, taxes etc, are unavoidable. The good and honest practice is being straightforward with the charges. This way the customers would feel more secure.

Infuse Progress Indicator

This is crucial for letting the customers know the step-by-step process of purchasing. Infusing a progress indicator would help the customers to understand how much information they need to fill to complete the purchase process. This progress indicator works just as a guide throughout the purchase procedure. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate.

Provide Billing Option At End

Yes, this step is the most crucial one to close the sale but do not hurry up with the billing information! Let the customer finish and fill up all the necessary information first. Let them recheck the total number of ordered products along with the product details to make sure they’ve added the right products in the cart; let them re-check the shipping address. If you do this, customers would get an assurance and would feel a sense of care from your end that would help to diminish the abandonment rate.

Integrate Multiple Payment Options

The more payment options you offer, the more customers having different preferences of making the online payment would get the interest to buy from your online store. Hence, integrating multiple payment options can really work in your favour resulting in increased conversion rates.

Let the Customers Feel Safe And Secure

Making online payment means that customers need to give several sensitive account information. Hence, until and unless you let the customers feel safe and secure by offering a highly secure transaction method, they won’t buy from your site. You need to make sure all the information filled by individual customer remain shielded.

Thus, by following these above-mentioned simple and smart ways, you can offer your customers a robust and smooth checkout process that would result in enhanced business conversion.