Are your Magento 2 migration plans going on a holiday too?

Are your Magento 2 migration plans going on a holiday too?

It is that time of the year. If you run an eCommerce business you’re most probably snowed under with work. There is hardly enough time to promote holiday offers, go shopping for family and take off on that long awaited holiday. But wait. In all this mayhem have you forgotten something crucial?

It is important that you migrate to Magento 2 to thrive and update your store.

It is faster, more secure, has fab features, and is in a million little and big ways, better than its predecessor.

Magento 2 offers better performance, scalability, page load times, and checkout processes.

If you want to take your biz to the next level this is the way to go.

And if you are planning to move to Magento 2 the best time to do it is now! Yes, now.

Here’s why you should ramp up your migration efforts

Magento 1 is going to go over the horizon and the clock is ticking. The migration deadline is hardly 6 months away. There’ll be no security patches, updates or community support. But this is just one reason why you should migrate now.

Here’s why now is the best time to take next-steps

  • This is the best time to remove unnecessary and redundant data from your existing eCommerce site.
  • There’ll be ample time to decide on the functionalities and extensions you need.
  • Magento 2 has a different database structure and architecture. Kickstarting migration efforts at the earliest is a safe choice.
  • As an eCommerce store, you are going to have hundreds of media files. Media files will have to be migrated manually and it can be time-consuming.
  • The Code Migration Toolkit can only migrate a few extensions. To work seamlessly with the new Magneto 2 structure, codes and extensions need to be recreated.

Let’s face it. Magento 2 migration is going to be tedious. But the sooner you start the engines, the better.

No sweat. You don’t have to sweat the migration stuff during the most beautiful time of the year. Talk to our migration team today to get started on the right foot.

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