Chatbots And Augmented Reality: The Future Of eCommerce Landscape!

Chatbots And Augmented Reality: The Future Of eCommerce Landscape!

eCommerce industry growth in the US has attained uncomparable heights. It is still growing exponentially, and a lot of technological advancements are supporting its growth factor. Today, the situation is as such that if you have an offline business, then operate it online too.

Genuinely, online stores have become more successful than physical stores that some physical shops have gone entirely online, closing their physical stores. This not alone supports the owner in selling more to the customers online but also lowers operational costs.

Still, many online businesses in the US lack online marketing knowledge to retain online customers and offer a customized online experience. In other words, the customers may not experience a good service or undergo an enjoyable experience while spending their time in your online store. Recent research on online shopping personalization done by Invesp highlighted:

  • 60% of online buyers prefer shopping items on a personalized online retail shop is more comfortable and exciting.
  • 50% have a higher client retention rate than others when they provide a personalized shopping experience.
  • 60% of returning customers buy and discover new items from a more personalized shop.
  • eCommerce sites with personalized content have a 9-times higher click-through-rate compared to the regular.

Technological progressions in the eCommerce field have continued to ensure that every client gets nothing less of their expectations. Nevertheless, today, Chatbots are one of the solutions to many arising eCommerce business needs. It has helped many e-commerce stores get more profitable. The reason could be that it is present around the clock, and the bots’ flexibility can drive more business than others.

The chatbots are here to stay, and not until social media giant Facebook ventured into the territories everyone understood its greatness. Approximately, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users, their team decided to incorporate service branded chatbots into their platform and the results were astonishing.

In the present times, every online shopper anticipates a personalized shopping experience that gives them on top of a world feel. This leads to referring friends and others to your eCommerce website or visiting back at a later date.

Similar to Chatbots – Augmented Reality has existed here for a while now. Many users who should have accelerated AR’s full potential did not go for it because they did not understand it well. But, some companies had it implemented and have reaped some fantastic business and profits. The best example is Snapchat with their selfie lenses that show “glowing eyes,” “a flower tiara” or even the “puking rainbow.”

Chatbots and Augmented Reality

Chatbots and Augmented Reality are the future of the eCommerce landscape. As far as experts believe, both solutions will be widely accepted in the coming days – as it will drive more profits and satisfy a huge audience. More and more customers use chatbots to check on details and other information while at a store or website. Therefore, adding AR would take it a notch higher. Combining both the ground-breaking technologies will help eCommerce businesses to offer services like never before. Here is how Augmented Reality and Chatbots can bring the customer more joy and satisfaction during their shopping experience.

Stay Unique

An eCommerce business that incorporates both the technologies will empower itself with uniqueness. Chatbots and Augmented Reality will surely provide an advantage over the competitors because your business will offer its customers something unique. Implementing it correctly, the technologies will create the hipe simply by word of mouth.

Provide Personalized Content

AR – Augmented Reality provides a sophisticated experience to the customer in an already existing physical environment. Enable your customers to enjoy outstanding service by perfectly showcasing the right products to convince them into converting a sale. AR will not only help showcase the product but also prove the fact of how it best fits their needs.

Excellent Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Experience

Get more realistic to make it clear how it is going to serve them well. For example, a person buying a recliner from your online store can check how well it fits the space in their home with AR software. AR infused into a chatbot would be incredibly useful in determining whether certain products are right for a client. Customers love making informed decisions, and both features will support the cause. This will also help increase profit margins and drastically reduce return orders.

Provide The Best Shopping Experience

Provide The Best Shopping Experience

Most of the Chatbots run on artificial intelligence; therefore, they provide incredible service and support to your customers as they understand the questions well. By clubbing Chatbots and Augmented reality, your customer will experience the best of service while shuffling through products as recommended by the bot. A well informed and smooth experience raises your customer’s possibility of spreading the word, hence ensuring more customers for your business.

Is It Worth Betting On The Solutions?

The new age of eCommerce marketing here, and you cannot just ignore the solutions. Both technologies will excellently support customers and help businesses focus in a targeted manner leading to complex action sequences that are easy to comprehend. Therefore it is worth betting on the solutions.


What do you think about Chatbots and Augmented Reality applications? Are they the best solutions for User Assistance? Do you wish to harness the great potential for your business growth? Talk to us today!