Google Amp’s SEO Connection, and Other Perks That are Hard to Miss

Google Amp’s SEO Connection, and Other Perks That are Hard to Miss

Your website is mobile-ready. That’s cool but your competitors too are in the league. What else can be done to stay atop of the league’s points table? Here is where AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) chips in.

Speed!! Speed is what that matters when your business dreams of creating an unparalleled mobile experience. It’s quite doable now. All thanks to Google as the internet giant has proactively catered to the situation through its AMP initiative.

What is AMP?

What if your mobile web pages can load 30x faster than they actually do? That’s exactly what AMP can do to your web pages.

Technically it prioritizes text-based content over JavaScript and CSS when a page loads thereby providing users an almost instant access to contents when they search through mobile devices. It ditches factors that hinder page loading, especially third-party JavaScript.

Being an open-source initiative, it is community contributed and getting better every day. What was reserved only for content based websites like journals and publishers in the nascent stages of AMP development, has now evolved rapidly to support more heavy websites like eCommerce and media.

AMP aims at helping brands in creating high performing mobile-web experience that is consistent across several mobile devices and platforms.

The Google AMP & SEO Affair

AMP being Google’s initiative and the internet giant being the most sought after search engine AMP provides many SEO advantages for AMP adopted mobile web pages.

Brownie Points for Being a Speedster:

The AMP label (the lightning logo) intimidates users as AMP logo accompanied pages can be accessed faster. As we earlier said, speed matters for users the most. With instant access, only very few users tend to navigate away from your pages. This will notify Google that the page is more relevant for users and eventually your ranking will improve.

A Head Start in Mobile Ranking:

Google focuses on bettering SERPs in both mobile and web versions. While performance optimization will help in earning better in traditional search rankings, AMP is the cutting-edge solution to climb up the ladder in mobile rankings. Additionally, by not having AMP you might run the risk of being neglected by users for other AMP powered competitors. However, remember that AMP will not directly guarantee search engine page rankings.

A word from Google’s Senior Director of News and Social Products:

Though AMP is not a direct accelerator for SERPs, AMP is one among many features that Google considers while evaluating pages for rankings. This can be translated like, if two pages rank the same in terms of other ranking factors and speed happens to be the only differentiating factor, the page that loads faster will be prioritized. So the learning part is that, with other strong ranking factors in place, AMP will be a great complement.

The Carousel Effect:

Reserving a spot in Google carousel result is a boon to any website and AMP can help you in parts to achieve the feat. Search results in carousel appear as the foremost suggestion earning your brand the trust. Visibility will improve significantly and so will be the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and traffic.

Getting Started – Cleanup Shower Before You Plunge into AMP

To leverage AMP you need to make all-new AMP mobile web page versions. Having same AMP for desktop and mobile is not advisable because AMP ditches third-party JavaScript, and so the desktop experience of web pages will take a toll.

To deploy AMP in web pages you can make use of community contributed AMP HTML. Like open source platforms like Magento, there are extensions you can make use of to instill functionalities; however, for complex implementations such as videos, you’ll have to stick to AMP-approved extensions only.

Pages must be properly validated. As AMP uses the strictly edited version of HTML, unnecessary tags and placements must be refined. Forms cannot be a part of AMP. Images out of proportion can be trimmed for a proper mobile experience.

Finding the Right AMP Partner

AMP is rapidly gaining prominence thanks to the support of growing AMP developers’ community for the improvisations. If you are looking for expertise to deploy AMP in your website, TheCommerceShop can help.

TheCommerceShop is a full service eCommerce agency which renders end-to-end solutions from website development to customer acquisition. Our AMP developers can help you build an AMP version of your mobile web pages to give the edge over your competitors.

Are you looking to drive revenue and increase efficiency with your ecommerce store? Then it’s time to pay attention to Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) SEO – the latest technology from Google that enables lightning fast loading speeds for rich content, including video and other interactive media-based webpages. By utilizing this incredible tool, you can optimize your search engine result page rankings and easily maximize user engagement. This blog post will explore the connection between ecommerce SEO services, plus provide a few additional reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on leveraging its power for your unique businesses’ needs.