How Subscription eCommerce Helps Fashion Brands Get A Business Makeover

How Subscription eCommerce Helps Fashion Brands Get A Business Makeover

Thriving in an extremely competitive space that the fashion industry is today requires technology, innovation, creativity, and marketing strategies to go hand in hand. Millennials being the major target audience, the fashion brands need to always be on the lookout for innovation and new trends.

The challenges in meeting the expectations and demands of fashion enthusiasts are numerous, unique, and certainly more on the eCommerce stores than the brick and mortar stores.

In this article, we would like to share with you an interesting story of how we at TheCommerceShop helped this fashion client elevate their eCommerce business. As a leading fashion brand that sells glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses to men, women, and children, our client wanted to leverage technology to reach out to more customers online and amaze them with innovation.

The client catered their products to men and women of all age groups who loved regular glasses and sunglasses. Choosing a frame that best suits their face on an eCommerce store isn’t as easy as doing the same on a physical storefront. Our prime goal was to leverage technology to empower the eCommerce store with real-like experiences and overcome the disadvantages caused by the lack of hands-on trial experiences.

Customers of glass brands are relatively more skeptical about online purchases because they wondered how the glasses looked on them. There was an alarmingly increasing number of disputes like returns, replacements, etc. Buyers had reservations in completing the order even after choosing a glass resulting in increased cart abandonment rates. Customers still wanted to visit a physical store to try glasses before they buy. The visitors-to-buyers ratio i.e. the CRO% was critically low.

Here’s how we helped resolved these challenges with subscription eCommerce:

A thorough analysis of these challenges helped us strategize a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of our client. When we realized that the customers of the fashion industry want to have only the best, we understood that the ‘try before you buy’ option should be on the eCommerce website too.

Here’s the list of our solutions that helped the fashion brand elevate their sales:

1. Intelligent glass recommendations powered by face recognition

We strongly believe that there’s no ‘one-fits-all’ solution, especially in the fashion industry. We helped our client to take the shopping experience to the next level by delivering truly personalized glass recommendations powered by face recognition technology. Our thoughtfully written algorithms help offer intelligent recommendations based on facial elements like eyes, eyebrows, forehead, nose line, face shape, etc. This feature powered by eCommerce personalization became a massive hit and helped foster visitor engagement on the store.

2. Virtual trial feature to facilitate real-like experiences

We introduced an all-new ‘Try Before You Buy’ option that allows shoppers to pick the desired glass and check if that looks good on them using webcams. The overwhelming response to this option resulted in incredible business outcomes like increase in the number of orders and decrease in the number of disputes/returns.

3. A rich knowledge base to understand glass terminologies better

Picking the right fit isn’t that tricky in the real world. To make this online shopping journey more enjoyable, we introduced our shoppers to a feature called ‘Glass guide’. This is sort of a knowledge base that lists all the terminologies related to glasses and facial anatomy. Staying in the know of these things, we hoped it would become easier and more enjoyable for shoppers to choose their glasses. And what we envisioned turned to be a reality.

4. Free online tool to custom-fabricate desired glasses

There are quite some customers whose expectations are always out of the box. Especially in the fashion space, the possibilities of innovation are more. We ensured that the eCommerce store fulfilled this feature too with an option to custom-fabricate their own glasses. This rolled out as an on-demand service with an additional cost and turnaround time. The customers are allowed to almost handcraft their glass

5. Social sharing plugins to hear opinions from friends

We wanted to not only nurture the customer journey meaningfully on the store but also intended to make it fun. We let the customers share their ‘virtual glass trial’ experiences on their social media profiles at the comforts of a single click. This in a way turned the happy window shoppers into brand advocates who did all the talking for our client for free of the cost. Customer satisfaction was the plan, brand awareness was a side benefit.

6. Exclusive ‘Check Your Fashion Score’ feature to nurture engagement

We launched this uber-cool feature that used various parameters like color, shape, size, and model type of the glass to assess the fashion score of the person wearing it – in a fun way. Glass wearers spent a lot of time on the eCommerce store to check out various frames and get the best scores in successive attempts. This helped reduce the bounce rate of the website drastically.

7. Subscription eCommerce keep customers coming back

The best of the changes we recommended to our client was to introduce a tenured subscription model. We launched different types of eCommerce subscription packages for different products, namely –

  • monthly subscription
  • quarterly subscription
  • half-yearly subscription
  • 9-month subscription
  • customized subscription (for the no. of days of own choice)

The outcomes of introducing the eCommerce subscription model were phenomenal. While our other efforts made the browsers into buyers, the subscription models made the first-time buyers into returning customers placing more frequent orders. With a 52% increase in the customer retention rate, our client witnessed an incredible 5X increase in the average order size.


The benefits of eCommerce personalization and subscription eCommerce are plenteous. This success story stands proof of what a business can accomplish with the appropriate use of best eCommerce practices and strategies. Wondering how to strategize your eCommerce business growth with the right solutions? Our experts would love to walk you through our eCommerce solutions and give you a free consultation on how to maximize your revenue growth.