How to build an eCommerce brand on a shoestring budget

How to build an eCommerce brand on a shoestring budget

COVID-19 has just revealed how dangerous the amazonification of the eCommerce space can be. There was widespread mayhem and panic as all of a sudden a vast number of brands were placed under the non-essential category.

Easter decor may not be as important as medicines but people still need them.

Your customers need you. Your employees need you.

It is as clear as daylight.

Instead of relying on online marketplaces and template eCommerce sites it is essential to build your eCommerce brand.

A brand of your own is like having a stocked pantry or a warm fireplace on an icy night.

It makes you feel secure and grow your business despite the curveballs life throws at you.

And you know what? Branding has moved out of its high castle and is no longer the bastion of big-box brands.

Small brands without much digital marketing and branding budget can become the proverbial purple cow.

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