TheCommerceShop’s eSummit is here. And it’s bigger and better than ever!!!

TheCommerceShop’s eSummit is here. And it’s bigger and better than ever!!!

We are stoked to announce our latest virtual conference featuring top names in the eCommerce industry. Our stellar lineup of speakers including Giorgio Carpano, the sales director of Sales Layer, Leslie Visaso, sales manager of Adobe, and more leading lights in the eCommerce space are going to cover all things eCommerce.

This is going to be a must-join event for any eCommerce business trying to navigate the challenging post COVID-19 environment and changing market conditions.

In-person events are next to impossible. Businesses are struggling to adapt to the new normal. And yet your marketing cannot stop. No matter the time zone, budget or the tough circumstances you face. That is why our experts are here to help you out.

Why join this virtual event?

  • You’ll learn to create a framework for ongoing virtual campaigns
  • eCommerce marketing tactics for omnichannel promotions
  • Learn about changed buying patterns and business priorities
  • Strategies to build the next-generation eCommerce experience

Wait. Whaaaaaat event?

TheCommerceShop’s Virtual Summit 2020

What will the event cover?

Emerging marketing trends in the eCommerce industry and how your business can adapt to them.

When is it?

On July 16th when the clock strikes 9.55 AM.

Cool. Is it a half an hour event that is mind-numbingly self promotional?

Nope. It is a 1.5 hour event filled with actionable tactics and practical strategies.

Sounds good. How can I join?

Simple. Register Here.

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