How to get started with selling on Instagram. Generate eCommerce sales quickly

Instagram is where eCommerce businesses need to be. 68% of Instagram followers regularly interact with brands.
According to a research by TrackMaven engagement ratio on Instagram is 8 times higher when compared to other social media channels.

If you haven’t leveraged your Instagram account to boost sales the best time to do it is now.

Contrary to what most marketers think, it is not just about pretty pictures and videos. To convert your Instagram account into a ROI driven traction channel, you need to start with a strong selling strategy.

In this quick video our eCommerce marketing specialist Taylor Winbush throws light on how to maximize sales using Instagram.

No marketing jargon. Or self-absorbed “this is what works, listen to me”.

She quickly breaks down how you can generate eCommerce sales through Instagram.

Ready to start growing and improving conversions?