Is Headless Commerce the Future of Retail – How

Is Headless Commerce the Future of Retail - How!

Headless Commerce Architecture is the new buzzword for many eCommerce retailers across the globe.

Well, is it the new mantra to liberate from the traditional marketing clutches?

Everyone you come across in the industry today has uttered headless commerce architecture to you at least once. Having said that, it is evident, headless commerce architecture is the technology that is propelling ripples to all corners in the eCommerce space, and it is here to stay for a while. As a matter of fact, headless commerce is the future of eCommerce retail. If your business is not embracing it now, your business will start to lag behind others in the race.

The line may sound redundant, but that’s the hard truth, “Headless commerce is here to stay,” and no eCommerce retail business can circumvent it to success. Hence, brands, irrespective of their size, need to capitalize on the power of headless eCommerce.

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Headless Commerce: What is it?

Whoever termed the concept of separating or decoupling an eCommerce store’s front and back end was unaware of giving it an abstract name. Anyone who comes across the term for the first time may find it weird or meaningless until they completely understand the concept.

Headless eCommerce allows the owners/decision-makers to make changes to the front end, which potential customers view on multiple sales and marketing platforms, without necessitating changes to the back end. In other terms, the content management system (CMS) continues to store, manage, and deliver content and product information in the headless commerce architecture. However, unlike the traditional CMS setups you might be familiar with, there’s no attached front end. On the flip side, a headless system applies APIs to drive the content from the back end to any screen or device.

It presents the retailers with much more flexibility and agility when it melts down to delivering their information to customers. That’s the significant benefit of a headless architecture.

Headless Commerce – Why The Hype Now?

Several trends have set the stage for headless architecture to become popular in the eCommerce retail industry. Omnichannel is yet another platform that we have witnessed for years now to grow.

If we had to decipher the myth surrounding punching the eCommerce sales numbers. Then, the perfect comparison would go with 2020 retailers who marketed and sold their products on numerous channels, touchpoints, and devices—in every stage, delivering a seamless, integrated experience to buyers and users. By doing so, omnichannel retailing proved its worth and will continue to go on.

Of late, the advent of a new trend in eCommerce retailing again sets the stage for headless architecture’s hype: IoT commerce. Smart devices are becoming more common in households, giving rise to a growing opportunity for IoT commerce. Today’s retailers have many new touch points — from smart speakers to smart appliances, wearables, and even healthcare devices — where their customers can now make purchases. The future is here and is determined to stay for a while.

After IoT eCommerce became more and more popular, APIs are caught up in the rising trend. eCommerce stores sell and market their products on potential new platforms, including IoT devices — they drive the messages via APIs.

Having narrated the confusing part, now is the time to understand what role headless commerce architecture plays. It equips retailers with the needed flexibility and adaptability to outperform challenges, making it one of the best ways to stay genuinely omnichannel. In the new digital age, customers have high expectations from retailers. Therefore, they expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. On the other hand, be it on a desktop, a mobile device, a wearable, or some other new channel, they expect an uninterrupted high-quality experience.

The headless eCommerce platform is the key to such an experience for the customers.

Headless Commerce – The Future

Ever since the dawn of the internet, online shopping has come a long way and continues to grow enormously.

It has changed the way buyers shop online and browse for new products. With the latest technology constantly emerging in the eCommerce space, this seems feasible for existing and new entrants in the game. The headless eCommerce platform gives retailers flexibility and agility, and there is no need to wait on the CMS provider to build out an update or a new feature. Just start promoting content and products to new channels immediately.

Are You Ready To Welcome Headless Commerce?

If you choose to do so, then rest assured you are on the path to enormous success. Headless Commerce architecture provides flexibility and agility to respond to today’s requirements and expectations of the customers. The competition is fierce; unoptimized product information that is rumpled content wouldn’t sell online. However, in today’s scenario, it would make things worse. For more insights on a headless solution, talk to our experts.