What To Look For In Magento 2.2 Shipping Module Update?

What To Look For In Magento 2.2 Shipping Module Update?

Migrating your eCommerce website to Magento 2 has become vital now as the end-of support date for Magento 1 is nearing. The business organizations that migrate to Magento 2 have an opportunity to experience something beyond re-platforming, the shipping module.

The Need For A New Magento Shipping Module

Catering to every single demand of prospective customers is a major challenge faced by every eCommerce business. Using traditional tools that have a unified system with a perfectly streamlined functionality can no more match industry trend. Keeping this in mind, Magento 2.0 has evolved and come up with the new shipping module in the version 2.2.

What Makes The Magento Shipping Module Exciting?

Magento, till date, has created a huge difference in every business that has adopted their platform. To make eCommerce more exciting, the Magento Shipping module comes with the following exciting features:

  • New mail service providers and features can be added with ease without updating the site completely.
  • Key Shipping processes can be automated.
  • Easy enhancement of customer experience, and increase in traffic and conversion rates.
  • Reduced the costs on shipping
  • Complete automation of fulfillment process

Apart from these features, Magento offers a lot more to its users. Process automation seamlessly displays the shipping options during checkout and provides an option to choose the pricing and delivery options. This makes the users gain control over their purchases without any manual effort.

Shipping: A Profit Center In Magento 2

The competition in the eCommerce industry is getting more intense and demanding. Organizations are adopting to robust technology to provide a high level of customer experiences. This brings in the need for something more than a good frontend to build a loyal relationship with customers. Hence, the backend of the business as well as the website should work hand in hand to maintain the image of the business projected for the site. Implementing

Magento’s shipping processes can help organizations balance the processes from both, the front and backend.

Want to migrate to Magento 2 now and align user experience with the processes at the backend to increase your business revenue? If yes, give us a shout, and we will be ready to help you.