The Commerce Shop Co-hosts A Must-attend Lunch & Learn Event With Acumatica. Here’s More To Know

The Commerce Shop Co-hosts A Must-attend Lunch & Learn Event With World’s Numero Uno ERP Company Acumatica. Here’s More To Know

The world of B2B commerce is evolving at a staggering pace.

Are you keeping pace?

Do you have the real-world solutions that your B2B business demands?

From CRM and project accounting to integrations and reporting there are a number of operations and workflows involved in your business.

Ever thought of having a centralized, dynamic, and unified solution that allows you to work seamlessly with multiple teams and processes, with a great deal of flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency?

Thanks to technology! It’s possible.

Yes, an effective cloud-based ERP solution can put an end to multiple dependencies, siloed workflows, and legacy tools.

Acumatica is one of the world’s leading cloud ERP solutions that fulfills all your business management needs today and in the future.

Whether you are already using a cloud-based ERP system or looking to switch your on-premises ERP to cloud ERP, you should attend this Lunch & Learn Webinar event hosted by expert speakers from Acumatica and The Commerce Shop.

Best-in-class ERP solutions for your B2B business

Acumatica cloud ERP offers the best business management solutions that enable companies to drive their digital transformation at scale. Started in 2008, Acumatica delivers exceptional cloud solutions and business management applications to small and midmarket organizations. With its future-ready platform, seamless integrations, open architecture, ease of use, and scalability Acumatica ERP caters to a broad spectrum of industries and clients worldwide.

In the light of strengthening the midmarket organizations, Acumatica and The Commerce Shop hosts this lunch and learn session that is open for all eCommerce owners and ERP enthusiasts. This free webinar will enable the attendees to learn how to benefit from cloud ERP integration and make the most out of the services.

What’s in store for you?

In the upcoming webinar scheduled for 15th July 2021 expert speakers from Acumatica and The Commerce Shop walk the attendees through insightful topics related to ERP integration and implementation.

Here’s what is lined up for you in the webinar:

  • Significance of cloud ERP solutions
  • Problems faced by B2B businesses and how to solve them
  • Acumatica ERP and its stunning features
  • Why hundreds of businesses are making the switch to Acumatica
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Ways to future-proof your B2B business with Acumatica Cloud ERP

About the speakers

We have expert speakers namely Karthik Kalimuthu and Adrienne from The Commerce Shop. Besides holding an accomplished history of helping hundreds of eCommerce clients stabilize their businesses, they are specialized in B2B eCommerce solutions, ERP integration, and implementation. Karthik is the Senior Solution Architect of The Commerce Shop, while Adrienne is the Personalization Specialist.

Kent Richeson is the Director of Partnership Enablement of Acumatica. With a proven track record of helping customers and partners achieve positive results, Kent Richeson specializes in communicating the value of strategic enterprise technology solutions for the changing, challenging, and competitive business markets.

In this webinar, they will share not-so-obvious secret tips and proven tactics that help you streamline your business workflows and maximize your efficiency.

What you’ll get:

  • A 30-minute FREE on-demand consultation with cloud ERP experts
  • Free subscription and unlimited access to learning resources on eCommerce optimization and ERP solutions
  • Industry’s best practices, proven tips, tactics, and strategies
  • Expert insights and solutions to all your queries from industry leaders

Here’s What Makes This A Must-Attend Event:

This session will not only enable you to learn how to make the best use of cloud-based ERP solutions but also allows you to get all your ERP integration-related queries resolved by industry leaders.

You need to attend this webinar for sure –

  • If you would like to know the ins and outs of seamless ERP integrations
  • If you want to boost your B2B sales and maximize your outcomes
  • If you want to learn how to streamline your operations and bring all the teams and processes on the same page
  • If you want to equip your B2B business with a full suite of business management applications

So, what do you wait for?

Go ahead and make your registration here, and make your B2B business ERP-ready.

Event: “Acumatica: Your B2B Growth Accelerator”

Date: 15th July 2021

Time: 12 PM to 1 PM EST