Here’s why you shouldn’t miss The Commerce Shop’s upcoming eCommerce Webinar on Holiday Readiness

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss The Commerce Shop’s upcoming eCommerce Webinar on Holiday Readiness

The holiday season is fast approaching.

From Thanksgiving to The New Year’s Eve, there are a lot of festivities lined up in the upcoming weeks.

These are the days when businesses offer the best prices and customers show top spending behaviors. While everybody is already on the lookout for the best gifting ideas and party plans, it’s the best time of the year for businesses to reap the rewards for all their months of sweat and toil.

In recent years, the holiday scenario has drastically changed from malls being flooded with shopaholics to websites being loaded with special deals and big sales.

It is researched that eCommerce stores will witness a 120% increase in their website traffic during this holiday shopping season. Another survey reveals that 40% of the shoppers have already begun their year-end shopping even before the holiday sale is on. These figures are assertive, right?

That said, don’t you think its the best time for you to make the most out of this holiday season?

If your answer is ‘yes’, here is a very insightful webinar this month that you shouldn’t be missing.

What the webinar is all about:

Right from announcing the holiday sales to fulfilling the orders, this webinar covers all the ins and outs of eCommerce holiday readiness. You will also get to know how to create your own ‘holiday readiness checklist’ to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that’s needed to make your eCommerce store holiday-ready.

Who’s speaking:

We have amazing speakers namely Karthik Kalimuthu and Hamad Zafar. Besides holding a meritorious track record of helping hundreds of eCommerce clients stabilize their business, they come with a very rich understanding of technology and hands-on marketing experience. Karthik is the Senior Solution Architect of The Commerce Shop, whereas Hamad Zafar is the eCommerce Sales Specialist. In this webinar, they will share not-so-obvious hacks and secret tips that help you prep your eCommerce store for this upcoming holiday shopping season.

What you’ll learn:

Expert speakers from The Commerce Shop who are specialists in eCommerce optimization will help you –

  • Understand how to create and develop a stunning Holiday Sales Plan
  • Strategize your holiday promotions with effective ‘pre-launch campaigns’
  • Learn omnichannel optimization strategies for a successful holiday season
  • Create your own ‘holiday readiness checklist’
  • Boost Holiday Sales with enriched user experience and seamless automation

What you’ll get:

  • A 30-minute FREE on-demand consultation with eCommerce experts
  • Free access and subscription to unlimited learning resources on eCommerce optimization
  • Industry’s best practices, proven tips, tactics, and strategies
  • Answers to all your queries from industry leaders

Why you should attend this webinar for sure:

Apart from providing you with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to prep your eCommerce store for this holiday season, this webinar will empower you with the knowledge and business skills that you need to accelerate your marketing efforts.

You need to attend this webinar for sure –

  • If you want to boost your holiday sales and maximize your CRO
  • If you want to learn how to curate your marketing communication and promote your marketing offers efficiently and effectively
  • If you want your eCommerce store to achieve year-end targets and exceed KPIs
  • If you would like to understand, learn, and master the art of holiday readiness

When’s this webinar happening:

Save this date on your calendar.

October 22nd, 2020 (Thursday)

Between 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM PST/ 2 PM EST.

Note: This webinar can be a game-changer! Don’t miss it!

How to register for the webinar:

Here is the link to register for the mind-blowing webinar

A great, successful, and ‘all-stocks-sold-out’ Holiday sales season is awaiting you.

It’s just a webinar away!

Here’s what those who attended our previous sessions shared about the webinar:

“The Commerce Shop’s webinar helped me understand CRO and it helped me boost my sales by 50%. Their tips are practical and feasible. The speakers were very warm, understanding, articulate, and to the point. Thank you, The Commerce Shop.” says Antony Steven, Director of an eCommerce store.

Joseph, Digital Marketing Manager says, “The webinar was thoroughly engaging and informative. The speakers helped me with answers to all my queries. The session sort of debunked all my myths and assumptions that I had about eCommerce marketing. I am so very thankful to The Commerce Shop for this session.”

Now, it’s your turn to benefit from this webinar.

What do you wait for?


How to prep your eCommerce store with successful engagement strategies for this holiday shopping season


Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Between 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM PST/ 2 PM EST


Click here to register for the webinar


Karthik Kalimuthu, Senior Solution Architect, The Commerce Shop

Hamad Zafar, eCommerce Sales Expert