Learn How Our PPC Management Services Enabled Allied Motors to Increase PPC ROI by 23x






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The Results We Achieved


Increase in conversions


Improvement in ROI


Reduction in cost per click

Client’s Profile:

Allied Motors is a remanufacturer of light trucks and automotive cylinder heads. They have a huge plant based in Atlanta and are a leading dealer of cylinder heads for all makes and models. They had a steady stream of clientele and wanted to expand on their online presence. The client wanted to improve the ROI of their ad spend and restructure their existing campaign structure..


The rising cost of CPC and low conversion rates posed a huge challenge for the client. The cost per lead had almost risen to the point of diminishing returns. They were under enormous pressure to cut back on ad spend and optimize their campaigns to see better results. Our paid search experts built out a strategy that would help Allied Motors to see quick-wins.

Our Approach:

Here is how we decreased ad spend and improved ROI

What separates the pros from the amateurs? We firmly believe it is the ability to analyze the root cause of issues and come up with tailored solutions. At the Discovery stage we found out that a large number of campaigns were irrelevant and poorly optimized. It was important to create campaigns that resonated with their audience. To better understand what their audience was looking for we conducted heatmap analysis on their ad campaigns and corresponding landing pages. We revamped the campaigns and offered more context upfront to improve conversions. Our team also generated a path length report that was circulated internally to identify the number of steps visitors took to convert. This enabled us to drive up conversions significantly.

To lower CPC and keep the campaigns running within a specific budget, our PPC team identified both strong keywords that generated the most traffic and long-tail niche keywords that were less competitive but still generated great results.

Impact On Client’s Business: