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The challenge

The client was struggling to drive relevant traffic to their site. The conversions were also low. Their challenge was to optimize their website and drive more visitors to their store.

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A Magento Case Study
See how Best Cheap Vape improved customer acquisition and brand recall

About the client:

Best Vape Juice is a leading seller of vape juice and coils. They worked with TheCommerceShop to improve their overall marketing efforts. The client was looking for a digital partner who’d maintain their website, monitor key data and increase online visibility.

Increase in new visitors
Increase in conversions
Increase in sales value


Being an e-Commerce driven business, Best Cheap Vape was struggling to drive relevant traffic to their site and transform page views into purchases. Through our high-growth organic solutions we were able to optimize their website experience, improve brand recall and create a long-term growth plan.

The result

  • The client was able to double their website traffic within a month

  • Saw a 24% increase in conversions

  • Optimized online presence