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The Result

Increase in traffic


Increase in conversion rate


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HH Clothing Co. is a popular online fashion retailer specializing in trendy clothing for men and women. With a wide range of stylish apparel and accessories, they strive to provide their customers with a seamless online shopping experience. However, they faced challenges related to core web vitals and website performance, impacting their SEO ranking and user experience.

The Challenge

The website’s core web vitals performance was heavily impacted, leading to poor SEO ranking and a subpar user experience. Delayed rendering of content due to JavaScript (JS) render blocking, resulting in slower page load times and frustrated users. Unoptimized loading of unused JavaScript files occupied the browser’s main thread, further delaying the rendering of critical content. Failure to prioritize above-the-fold content caused delays in delivering crucial information to users. Unintended layout shifts on the website caused a disruptive user experience and hindered usability.


We diligently worked on resolving the core web vitals issues to ensure compliance with Google’s performance metrics. By optimizing the rendering process, we minimized the impact of JavaScript render blocking, enabling faster content display. Through a thorough audit, we identified and removed unnecessary JavaScript files, freeing up browser resources and improving performance. We implemented resource hints and prioritized the loading of above-the-fold content, delivering essential information to users promptly.

What our Customer Says

We are thrilled with the results achieved by TheCommerceShop. They provided an outstanding solution to our core web vitals and website performance issues. Our online store now runs seamlessly, offering our customers an enhanced shopping experience. We highly recommend their expertise and professional approach.

Results Obtained

The website successfully passed core web vitals assessments on both mobile and desktop devices, meeting the recommended performance metrics. With faster page load times and optimized content rendering, users experienced a significant improvement in overall website performance. The enhanced user experience and faster loading times contributed to an improvement in the conversion rate, translating into higher sales. By addressing core web vitals issues, the website’s SEO ranking improved, resulting in increased organic traffic and visibility. The optimized website performance led to a decrease in the bounce rate as users found the site more engaging and user-friendly. The website demonstrated improved performance during load testing, allowing for a larger user base without sacrificing performance.