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The challenge

The website showcased a huge collection of products with hundreds of sizes and color variants. Any customer who lands on the website will surely be impressed with the range of products and the way they are presented colorfully. While this showcase of voluminous products was advantageous in a way, it also distracted the customer journey and prolonged their time to make a purchase decision. Most of the customers abandoned their journey on the site and bounced off without navigating further through the pages.

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A CRO case study
How Our Flagship CRO Services Enabled The Leading Yarn Seller See A Whopping 350% Increase In Monthly Revenue

About the client

Yarn Love is a leading yarn dyeing studio in Adel, IA. The company sells luxury hand knitting yarns through their website and via a selection of local yarn shops. The brand is known for bringing the best yarns to life in their studio. Every yarn they offer is skillfully dyed by hand and beautifully packaged.

Our Solution

Our conversion rate optimization for Yarn Love included several steps and processes. From enabling easy product discovery to fine tuning the customer journey, we strategically redesigned the entire customer experience.

The Result

increase in traffic
increase in conversion rate
increase in monthly revenue