Unraveling Success: Our Flagship CRO Services Propel the Leading Yarn Seller to a 350% Monthly Revenue Surge

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The Result

Increase in Homepage Engagement


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in monthly revenue


Yarn Love, situated in Adel, IA, is a top-notch yarn dyeing studio that retails premium hand-knitting yarns online and at various local yarn shops. The brand has earned a reputation for its exceptional ability to bring the finest yarns to life in its studio, where every yarn is expertly hand-dyed and thoughtfully packaged. The collection of yarns is vast, encompassing everything from delicate lace weight to bulky, featuring rustic wools to luxury fibers such as Blue Faced Leicester, cashmere, and silk.

The Challenge

Katie has 15+ years of experience in knitting and created a yarn brand that gained a large reception due to fun colorwork knitting patterns and freshly dyed yarn. To make high-quality, unique, sustainable yarn available to more yarn lovers, Katie revamped the brand’s website to improve online sales and conversions. However, after an extensive visitor behavior analysis, the CRO specialists diagnosed problems in product discovery, navigation, and usability, resulting in a high bounce rate of 71.74%, less than a 1-minute engagement duration, and an overall conversion rate of 0.92%.


To improve the customer journey and increase sales, the yarn brand implemented a hero image section that showcased seasonal highlights, top-selling products, and special deals. The UX strategists and customer experience specialists addressed navigation and accessibility issues, improved the site’s navigation structure, and introduced the ‘quick product view’ feature. The filter and sort feature empowered shoppers to easily choose their desired products, reducing page exits and increasing products added to the shopping cart. These changes led to increased engagement rate, session duration, and, ultimately, sales.

What our Customer Says

I am absolutely thrilled with the results that the team at TheCommerceShop achieved for my Yarn Brand’s website in just six months! Thanks to their expertise in CRO, UX, and ecommerce, we were able to address the key pain points that were causing our bounce rate to be high and our conversion rate to be low. By streamlining our site’s navigation, implementing quick product views and filter options, and improving our hero image and category pages, we saw a 1.5X increase in traffic, a 10% decrease in bounce rate, and a 100%+ increase in average session duration. Most importantly, our monthly revenue skyrocketed by 350%, and our conversion rate and homepage engagement also rose significantly. I highly recommend TheCommerceShop for anyone who wants to optimize their website for growth and profitability!

Results Obtained

Within a period of 6 months, the team was able to achieve significant results such as a 1.5X increase in traffic, a 10% decrease in bounce rate, a 100%+ increase in an average session, a 350% increase in monthly revenue, a 77% increase in conversion rate, and 99% increase in homepage engagement.