Leading Camera Accessories Store, DealsAllYear converts 110% more with predictive search, checkout revamp, and Magento 2 migration



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The outcomes of our CX and CRO strategies


more conversions


increase in average spend time


more checkouts

About the client

Headquartered in Pequannock Township in Pompton Plains, NJ, DealsAllYear is a leading direct-to-consumer eCommerce retail store specializing in selling digital photo and video camera accessories, and much more at highly-discounted prices.

The Challenge

The company’s mission is to value every customer with one-on-one, personalized, and unparalleled service but at the same time, they also wanted to give huge discounts on bulk orders. The main challenge was that their website lacked advanced shopping features. Running on an old version of Magento, their online store had poor loading time, some technical bugs, and an old-fashioned user experience without conversion-friendly features.

Here’s how we solved the problem:

Predictive search:

We made it easy for the shoppers to choose from the autocomplete predictions that appear as they start typing their queries on the search bar. This helped the shoppers instantly and visibly get the hang of what they needed and what the store had for them. Besides saving their time and enhancing product discovery, this predictive search also helped in cross-selling and up-selling because the shopper gets to know more relevant products.

Product feed:

We simplified, automated, and thoroughly optimized the product feed in a conversion-friendly way. While we ensured that all products get enough visibility, we also made sure that each product snippet is enriched with key information like price, offer details, high-quality image, etc.

Structured data :

The initial website was haphazard with no proper categorization. We helped create appropriate product categories and featured them prominently on the home page below the hero image. This not only fostered the customer journey but also helped the site in terms of SEO to rank better with the help of structured site maps, better URLs, and rich snippets

Enhancing credibility with more trust factors

Warranty information :

The store already offered quality assurance and warranties for select products. But this information was not highlighted and it took a backseat in the terms and conditions content and product description sections. We added a feature that enabled the client to add the warranty information upfront for select products. This instantly increased the reliability of the store and it subsequently reflected with more orders for those products.

Trustpilot badge :

Trustpilot is one of the trusted third-party customer review platforms. There weren’t enough reviews for the client on Trustpilot. We helped them create a campaign that encouraged the buyers to post their genuine feedback on Trustpilot. We also added the Trustpilot badge as social proof and highlighted the relevant reviews on the product section. Without a doubt, this created a magical increase in the average website spend time as expected.

Human-powered shopping assistance with live chat :

We powered the shopping experience with live chat assistance that allowed the customers to get real-time human-powered support. The 24/7 live chat feature did a great job in converting the customers by providing ready-to-buy links, special offers, etc.

Optimizing checkout experiences:

Trusted and flexible payment options :

Initially the store had limited payment options and additional payment modes were displayed only on demand. We changed this to a default display of multiple and flexible payment options. While we added easily recognizable icons to popular credit card vendors, we also ensured that all the payment options are trusted and highly secure.

Enhanced form-filling experience :

We condensed the forms and replaced the lengthy fields with the bare minimum and only necessary information. For fields like city and zip code, we enabled autocomplete with GPS-powered location data and for repeat orders, we helped them complete orders quickly with prefilled information.

One-page checkout :

We built this feature to change any product page into a checkout page instantly without making the customers feel that they are navigating to a new page. The idea is to leverage the customer’s purchase intent instantaneously before it is gone.

Our other eCommerce solutions and website fixes included—

US-based Flexible shipping options :

We created multiple shipping methods and options for the shoppers to choose the most convenient one.

Order fraud score :

Partnering with third-party fraud prevention tools, we created a fraud score mechanism to filter orders that are fake and spammy.

Security patches & SSL upgrade :

In order to ensure a secure shopping experience for the end-users, we tightened the security measures on the eCommerce site.

Admin action log integration :

By integrating the admin action log, we enabled a quick and easy view of all login activities and an option to block malicious login attempts

Firewall & caching :

We future-proofed the website by protecting it from hacks and preventing cyberattacks with the help of a website application firewall.

Seamless migration to Magento 2:

The website was upgraded to the most powerful version of Magento without any interruption in the front-end experience or discrepancies in product and customer data.

The outcomes of our CX and CRO strategies:

1. 110% more conversions

As a result of improved product feed and revamped forms, the website converted more than twice its old CR%.

2. 72% increase in average spend time

The thoroughly enriched product categorization, social proof, and trust factors improved the time shoppers spend on the site. The bounce rates also went down drastically.

3. 2.5X more checkouts

With features like one-page checkouts and simplified forms, the shopping cart abandonment rate went down critically and the online store saw a 2.5-3% increase in monthly checkouts.

We feel truly accomplished to help DealsAllYear unlock a new milestone in their online selling journey. This success story is an example of what a well-strategized CX and CRO revamp can do to a website. Want to see how we can help you? Get in touch with our customer experience experts.