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Exuding the feeling of fierceness and freedom, crafted especially for the uniqueness of every dancer that inspires and represents the free spirit—formed to provide every dancer a chance to move freely and access dancewear that is just as amazing. Tiger Friday firmly believes that one’s rock star persona extends to one’s behavior on the dance floor and works on doing that regularly while being dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience for all the dancers and those new in the field.

The Challenge

The comprehensive audit of the eCommerce store revealed several issues, including uncategorized products, blocked indexed pages, crawled but not indexed pages, broken links, no backlinks, and slow page load speed. The audit helped to identify these problems, and appropriate action was taken to fix the website. The store’s product pages were categorized for better navigation to prevent users from bouncing to other sites due to difficulty navigating the site.


The e-commerce client struggled with improving their keyword rankings and sales revenue before seeking help. Our team developed an eCommerce SEO plan that focused on identifying relevant keywords, redesigning website architecture, optimizing on-page elements, and fixing errors. We also used tools like Screaming Frog, SEMrush, and Ahrefs for on and off-page SEO. As a result, the client’s keyword rankings went up five times, and they experienced increased traffic and sales revenue.

What our Customer Says

The dancewear brand worked with TheCommerceShop to improve its eCommerce SEO plan by focusing on relevant keywords, website architecture, on-page elements, and error fixing. With the help of tools like Screaming Frog, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, the brand’s keyword rankings increased significantly, resulting in increased traffic and sales revenue. TheCommerceShop also enhanced the customer journey, leading to a remarkable growth of 51.86% in revenue gain, 78.71% in new user rate, and 51.59% in transaction rate. The brand highly recommends TheCommerceShop as a trustworthy eCommerce partner.

Results Obtained

To improve the customer journey and increase sales, the eCommerce brand saw significant growth in revenue gain by 51.86%, a substantial increase in new user rate by 78.71%, and a considerable jump in transaction rate by 51.59%.