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Fab Habitat is an eco-friendly home decor product manufacturer and seller based in Edison, New Jersey. The company specializes in inventively-designed, sustainable, and ethically-manufactured rugs that are certified by GoodWeave and made with fair trade principles. Fab Habitat’s products are durable, easy to clean, and include a warranty to withstand wear and tear from daily use, children, pets, and shoes.

The Challenge

The major hurdle was the presence of security vulnerabilities and the need for advanced e-commerce functionalities on their website. Being powered by an outdated version of Magento, their online store suffered from substandard features, security threats, technical glitches, and antiquated record-keeping practices. With the expansion of their product range and lines, their enterprise required sophisticated technological solutions and enhanced security measures


The company’s website running on an outdated version of Magento, faced security loopholes and needed advanced shopping features. To address this, they upgraded to Magento 2. We implemented a well-established stock management system, custom reports, predictive search, and live chat and converted SOAP into REST API for faster data transmission. These updates provided a secure environment, enhanced inventory management, improved report preparation, and increased user interaction and website loading speed.

What our Customer Says

We had a fantastic experience working with the team implementing CX and CRO strategies for our business. The website’s improved inventory management system, predictive search option, and live chat option helped us achieve a 195% jump in conversions, resulting in sales worth $39,653 in just a month! The team’s commitment to providing top-notch service and their ability to create custom reports and implement the latest technologies helped us achieve an average growth of 30% yearly. I highly recommend their services to any business looking to enhance their online presence and drive growth.”

Results Obtained

With the implementation of CX and CRO strategies, the website experienced a 195% increase in conversions and achieved sales worth $39,653 in a month. The overall business growth was accelerated by an average of 30% yearly due to the improved features and management.