Unveiled: The Secret to Tripling Conversions – Insights from the Gifts & Novelty eCommerce Success Story

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The Result

Growth in conversions


Increase in User Attention


Increase in CTR


Creative Laser Solutions is a family-owned Missouri business specializing in customized gifting solutions. They offer a wide range of unique products, including personalized sporting and corporate gifts, and are known for making customization possible. Their eCommerce store features an impressive collection of gifts, including customized basketballs and footballs.

The Challenge

The key challenge was the poor design and structure of an eCommerce website that is not user-friendly and lacks conversion-boosting elements. The product pages have unstructured content, large images, and irrelevant details upfront, making it hard for shoppers to access necessary information. The website design needs to be updated and monochromatic, and CTAs are not enticing, and inconsistent in size and proportions. The website needs more social proof and trust factors, with important CTAs like ‘add to cart’ overshadowing less important ones.


The team identified areas of improvement, such as unstructured product content, outdated UI, and need for conversion-friendly elements. They then executed a series of solutions such as above-the-fold optimization, product image optimization, complete design facelift, curated content, visual consistency, ease of use and access, and compelling call-to-action. These iterative changes helped to resolve the conversion challenges and improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

What our Customer Says

I highly recommend Thecommerceshop for their exceptional conversion optimization services. Their team of CRO specialists helped us transform our product pages and significantly improve our shopping experience. Their iterative changes to our product images, content structure, and design elements were truly remarkable. The results speak for themselves: our ‘add to cart’ rate skyrocketed from 6% to 30%, and our conversion rate tripled from 1.47% to 4.52%. The A/B testing and heatmap data provided clear evidence of the effectiveness of their strategies. Working with Thecommerceshop was a pleasure, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them for future optimization projects.”

Results Obtained

A massive increase in the number of shoppers adding products to shopping carts, from 6% to 30%, and a threefold growth in conversions, from 1.47% to 4.52%.