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Client’s Profile:

Surf-fur manufactures super-rugged fleece warming parkas for all kinds of water athletes. All the suits are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of the most functional and hardcore piece of gear in the US and considers every water athlete in the country a potential customer. Ever since 2007, they have been selling their products online and have built an excellent reputation.


Looking forward to growing their business, our client wanted to drive more traffic on well-performing product segments to convert into sales, cut costs on bad performing product segments, and keywords. They tried to boost their online retail sales in every possible way and reach out to more customers in the US market, and they needed some expert guidance.

The Challenge:

Google Shopping Ads are an intuitive way to sell products online. And, our client focused on improving sales without changing product descriptions and other necessary details. They were also looking at good returns on the investment from the Google Shopping ads.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

Our experts thoroughly understood the current Google Shopping ads run by the client. A thorough investigation helped us know about the details such as image size, content, pricing details, and more. The insights enabled us to be sure of the current Google Shopping ads performance and devise other new strategies.

Our recommendations to improve the performance by optimization

Our Approach:

Our experts used Google’s ad customizers to generate up-to-date and timely ads. Before going fully-functional, they tested ad copy with specific audience segments. Besides that, we had to change a few existing titles, descriptions, and images to reach the new set of audiences and to increase visibility.

Impact On Client’s Business:

With this, we were not only able to increase conversion for the top products, but also gain clicks for the poor performing ones. Besides these, they

In a span of 3 days, $1,000 plus was spent on Google Shopping ads. The sales converted – $8,000 plus, and the client witnessed an ROI of 7X.


With customers often becoming the drivers of your increasing online sales, Google Shopping Ads is increasingly essential in online marketing.

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