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The challenge

The company focused on increasing sales without changing product descriptions and other necessary details. The company wondered how it could efficiently engage each customer with relevant messaging. They were also looking at good returns on the investment from the Google Shopping ads.

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A Case Study
Improving the google shopping ads performance by delivering the right message to the right customer

About the client:

Surf-fur manufactures super-rugged fleece warming parkas for all kinds of water athletes. They are one of the leading producers of the most functional and hardcore piece of gear in the US.

Increased conversion
Increased CTR
Reduced CPC


Our client wanted to engage new customers on its website to drive sales through the Google Shopping ads. They wanted Google ads to be relevant to encourage the customers throughout the purchase journey. Therefore, they approached us for expert guidance to improve their online sales.

The result

The Google Shopping ads from the month of August to October 2019 proved to be very successful in improving sales. Compared to the previous months, the client witnessed an ROI of 7X.