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Italian brand with over 30+ experience tableware and dinnerware products designed and produced at self-owned factories throughout their country. The brand has some of the best craftsmen working on decorative and utility products for home and garden.


Increased Organic Traffic


Conversion rate


Customer lifetime value

About the client

30 years in business, tableware and dinner- ware designed and produced at self-owned factories throughout their country.


Magento, the open-source e-commerce platform, powered the ‘Good State’ online store. Even though the company was running successfully, there were a lot of faulty links, multiple redirects, images that wouldn’t display correctly, and other issues that were preventing the business from flourishing. They were looking out for some expert guidance to devise a roadmap.

The problem

For the year 2018, the brand aimed high in terms of revenue goals and the first major step they wanted to dois to address the cart abandonment. Poten- tial buyers spend their valuable time surfing the brand site to shop for their favorite products, however, they do 10t end up checking out eventually.

The need of the hour was to devise an efficient cart recovery process during their holiday seasons, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, where they witnessed 68% in cart abandonment The Italian brand needed a solution that could stop abandonment.

Increase in sales

To reduce the number of customers, abandoning carts before they check out, the “Exit Pop-up’ extension was introduced. The pop-up timing and the discount coupon encouraged buyers to complete the checkout process resulting in a sig- nificant increase in their average sales. Within a month’s time, the website was able to increase its average sales by 23%.

Customer engagement

Apart from just stopping shoppers from abandoning carts, Exit pop-up extension helped the brand in improving customer engagement. Customers who were trig- gered by the exit pop-up, engaged with the brand by providing their email ID for receiving the coupon code.

On-site conversion

The majority of the respondents successfully went ahead and completed the transaction resulting in increasing the on-site conversion significantly. With in- creased conversions, the brand was able to achieve huge revenue.

Within a month’s time, the website was able to increase its average sales by 23%.

Built-in customization convenience

In-built customization helped our clients create custom-designed pop-ups with functionalities needed for maximum conversions. We helped in creating a popup that blends with the brand’s theme ensuring consistency in brand communica- tion with the target customers. Our client also had the freedom to place various elements like an opt-in box and coupon code to engage customers better.

Email personalization

Just like the exit-pop, plenty of customization options were provided for the mailers sent to customers to deliver the coupon code. Thanks to the built-in tem- plates as it helped the client design emailers easily. Users will have to choose the template and customize it based on their brand’s theme and style.


With the cart abandonment feature, the brand was able to automate pop-up trig- gers and achieve a 45% increase in overall traffic. Additionally, they increased their conversion rate by increasing the customer lifetime value significantly.