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The challenge

The client needed an efficient cart recovery process especially to handle the large customer visits during holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cart abandonment was a major concern because it reached almost 68% which means losing more than half of the business. The home decor brand needed a solution to curtail cart abandonment and enhance customer engagement.

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A Magento Case Study
How a popular italian home decor company increased their online YoY revenue by 37%

About the client:

Italian brand with over 30+ experience tableware and home decor products designed and produced at self-owned factories throughout their country. The brand has some of the best craftsmen working on decorative and utility products for home and garden.

Increase in organic traffic
Conversion rate
Customer lifetime value

Identifying opportunities to improvise

To utilize the full strength of Magento 2, the client was able to intervene customers who left behind products in their cart. Every time a user tries to close the website with products in their cart, we created a pop-up reminding customers about the products in their cart.

The result

With the cart abandonment feature, the brand was able to automate pop-up triggers and achieve a 45% increase in overall traffic. Additionally, they increased their conversion rate by increasing the customer lifetime value significantly.