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The challenge

The chocolate website showcased numerous products. By the time they approached TheCommerceShop for help, the intricacies had progressed to a limit where they were causing a tangible loss for the business. They needed a massive digital transformation to meet their customer expectations.

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A Magento Case Study
How A Successful Magento 2 Migration Optimized The Website For Greater Profits!

About the client:

The company’s founding father was very fond of chocolates as a young boy, which led him to recognize two traditional recipes as the fast-moving, which is how the entire business began. Today, they are a decent place to taste good chocolates in the State.

Migration To Magento 2 enhances conversion, boosts sales, and improves traffic.

Boosted Sales
Improved Traffic
Decrease In Page Load Time


After many years of retail success, they launched on Magento Commerce 1 in 2014. Over the years, the site had grown into a slow-moving, behemoth structure, and they wanted to speed up the entire process as well.

The result

The Chocolate company witnessed a boost in sales compared to the previous year. On the whole, the website started performing in terms of conversion and driving traffic. Automated packaging type features are something that they desperately needed to cut down on costs.