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The Result

Increase in Revenue


Increase in Units Sold


Increase in Total Orders


Con Kazantzidis discovered a thriving niche audience for shaving product reviews on his YouTube channel, “Shave the Man,” which amassed over 6,000 subscribers. Recognizing the potential for community building, he established a private Facebook group, offering access to himself and others to share tips, products, and foster a unique online shaving community.

The Challenge

Our client faced several challenges in managing their eCommerce website, including choosing the right platform, improving SEO without relying on paid advertising, modifying website design, tracking and analyzing website performance, finding payment solutions, and increasing product sales and customer engagement in a crowded market.


Our client chose BigCommerce as their eCommerce platform due to its cost and features, Australian roots, and recommendation from an SEO professional. We helped them optimize their website for organic traffic, customize their themes, and leverage analytics tools to track performance. We implemented PayPal, Stripe, and Square for payments and enabled product reviews. We helped them launch an online store with unique grooming products and focused on research, marketing, and customer engagement while using BigCommerce to handle everything else. As a result, the store achieved a 4%+ conversion rate, increased customer engagement, and expanded product lines, standing out in a competitive market.

What our Customer Says

For our customers, they get to the checkout, press one button, and they are done. Finished. End of story. It is a very seamless experience for them, too.

Con Kazantzidis, – Founder of TheStray Whisker.

Results Obtained

The results obtained by our client were impressive, with a 364% increase in revenue, a 457% increase in units sold, and a 390% increase in total orders. These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategies implemented, including using BigCommerce as the platform of choice, optimizing the website for SEO, customizing the site design, and using analytics tools to track performance. Additionally, implementing customer-centric solutions, such as enabling product reviews and easy-to-install payment solutions, has increased customer engagement and a seamless shopping experience. Overall, these results are a testament to our dedication to improving our customers’ eCommerce outcomes and enabling them to provide exceptional customer service.