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The challenge

The client wanted to build a professional and user-friendly store where their subscribers can buy the high-rated products recommended by so many in the community.

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A BigCommerce case study
How Australian shaving company quickly scaled their brand using BigCommerce marketing features

About the client

When Con Kazantzidis’ shaving product review YouTube channel “Shave the Man” hit more than 6,000 subscribers, it became clear he had found a niche segment ripe for education and community. Subsequently, he launched a new website and social media channels for his new brand: The Stray Whisker.

increase in revenue
increase in units sold
increase in total orders


We helped the client quickly build an eCommerce store where their consumers across the globe can find niche shaving products. Here’s more on how we helped the client benefit from BigCommerce’s features:

  • Search Engine Optimized out-of-the-box
  • Site design best practices without the cost
  • Analytics that powered the business decisions
  • Internationally-trusted payments with one-click options
  • Built-in product review feature that drives sales

The result

With a 4% increase in conversion rate and strong built-in SEO, the store saw a 457% increase in the number of units sold.