How Email Marketing Skyrocketed ROI for a US-Based Healthcare Retailer






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Digital Marketing

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Our client, a renowned healthcare retailer in the US, found their online marketing expenditure becoming excessive without yielding the desired outcomes. As a result, they sought our expertise in email marketing to engage with individuals who had demonstrated interest in their products and website. Additionally, the client aimed to establish a strong online presence by tapping into unexplored leads.

The Challenge

The client chose to leverage email marketing to boost sales and generate qualified leads for their website. With no definitive limit on the number of emails to be sent, their goal was to explore email campaigns that effectively drive leads, ultimately leading to increased revenue. The challenge lay in identifying and refining the ideal email frequency for their brand through meticulous testing and assessment.


We developed a comprehensive 360° email marketing strategy for our client, targeting each stage of their sales funnel. The approach included various email campaigns such as welcome series, browse and cart abandonment campaigns, transactional emails, post-purchase campaigns, retention campaigns, and newsletters. Additionally, we improved subject lines, addressed segmentation and personalization, optimized email timing, reduced spamming, and implemented effective CTAs.

What our Customer Says

We are delighted to share our experience partnering with The Commerce Shop for our email marketing initiatives. Their expertise in crafting a comprehensive 360° email marketing strategy has been instrumental in targeting each stage of our sales funnel. Their approach, which included a diverse range of email campaigns, has significantly impacted our customer engagement and sales.

Results Obtained

We crafted an all-encompassing 360° email marketing plan for our client, focusing on every aspect of their sales funnel. This strategy encompassed a range of email campaigns, including welcome series, browse and cart abandonment initiatives, transactional messages, post-purchase follow-ups, retention efforts, and newsletters. Furthermore, we enhanced subject lines, tackled segmentation and personalization issues, fine-tuned email scheduling, minimized spamming, and integrated impactful CTA’s.