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The challenge

The eCommerce website lacked traffic and conversion. It needed a complete overhaul to improve customer navigation and product discoverability. The other challenge was to build the organic presence of the website to boost customer footfall.

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A Magento Case Study
How Enhanced User Experience Increased the Revenue Of This Home Decor Store By 8X

About the client:

An eco-friendly brand that sells indoor and outdoor rugs, doormats, baskets, poufs and accessories including pillows, dinnerware, garden statues, wall art and throws.

Increase in revenue
Increase in online traffic
Increase in PPC revenue

Identifying opportunities to improvise

The old website was not shopper-centric. We migrated their Magento store from M1 to M2, redesigned their menus, carefully placed featured products and made the new website attractive to more B2C customers. The big banners with prominent CTA buttons helped attract a lot of visitors.

The result

When it comes to enhancing the user experience, it’s quite important to set up a strong process that requires more attention to detail. That’s where our UX designers and eCommerce solution experts worked together to ensure that our client experienced significant changes in the sales in terms of revenue, site traffic, customer engagement, and branding.