How Magento 2 Migration Improved CRO For Health care water purification systems.



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Client’s Profile:

Our client, a leading water purifier company in the US, started with a simple vision in the early 80’s that they will produce the most effective water purification system available. Over the years, they have been paving the way for developing the best water filtration, conditioning, and treatment systems for residential, commercial, and laboratory applications.

Today, they have acquired several patents for their unique treatment systems. The client has an online store and sells internationally across countries, namely the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.


Over the four decades, the client’s business has grown across Europe. As their inventions continued to go from strength to strength, it became more evident that the current Open Source site no longer is sufficient for their requirements. The water purification firm approached us, looking for professionals to migrate hassle-free to Magento Commerce.

The Challenge:

In the water purification firm’s case, the client expected us to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue.

Our Key Findings & Recommendations:

Migration from Open Source to Magento 2 would involve the necessary changes:

Our Imperative Approach:

The Magento migration covered all essential phases of the migration process, from data migration and theme migration to extension migration. In the process, we aimed to optimize web pages for faster delivery, increasing server response times, and enhancing the database flexibility to achieve conversion rate optimization.

List Of Crucial Data Migrated To New Magento Site

  1. Products (Catalogs)
  2. Registered Users and Customers
  3. Sales (Orders, Shipments, Invoices)
  4. CMS pages

Migrate Theme (Implemented a new template for Magento 2)

  1. Install and configure Alothemes Xshop
  2. Customize the theme to as requirements

Extensions and Data Migration

What Our Client Says

TheCommerceShop migrated our website from Magento Open Source to Magento 2 Commerce. The result astonished us with an attractive website that reflects our brand. Honestly, we are very much looking forward to working with them to enhance our digital channels.

Barbara Miller Director, eCommerce Sales

Impact On Client’s Business:

Post-migration, we observed that the water purification website had optimized well. Seamless integration with payment gateways and a fully responsive UI design delivered a better user experience. The change is represented in the graph below:

Get started with the implementation

As a result, our client has seen a 75% increase in conversion rate in less than six months. The water purification team is spending less administrative time managing their pages. This enables them to provide their customers with the best experience possible and continue to expand internationally. The client was super satisfied with the smooth migration and sent an appreciation email to the entire team.

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