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The challenge

In the water purification firm’s case, the client expected us to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue.

Migration From OpenSource to Magento improves conversion rate and boosts sales. Magento Commerce is faster, secure, scalable, and has better customization.

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A Magento Case Study
How Magento 2 Migration Improved CRO For Health Care Water Purification Systems

About the client:

Our client is a famous water purifier company in the US. Ever since its inception, the firm had been growing steadily and innovatively with their disruptive ideas in the space of water purification types of equipment. The inventions are bang-on solutions for removing unwanted suspended solids, harmful chemicals, biological contaminants, and water gases.
Today, they hold several patents, and the business has grown across Europe.

Increased conversion rate in less than 6 months
Average increase in revenue YoY
Increased AOV -Average order value YoY


The founder approached us to migrate from OpenSource to Magento to optimize conversion rates.

The result

Post-migration, we observed that the search engine had optimized well, and the seamless integration with payment gateways and a fully responsive UI design delivered a better user experience.