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The challenge

The eCommerce website was eagerly looking forward to migrating to Magento 2. It needed faster load time, improved admin interface, improvements to customer experience, better mobile shopping experience, improved technical architecture, and latest features. The other challenge was to build better testing capabilities and a community moving ahead.

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A Magento Case Study
How Magento 2 Migration Increased Performance And Scalability By 3X

About the client:

DP-Tuner is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in Diesel Truck Engine and Transmission tuning. Their product range covers a large section of aftermarket parts and accessories for all levels of the truck performance needs.

Increase In Mobile Shopping
Enhanced Performance
In Customer Experience


DP-Tuner wanted to Migrate to Magento 2 in easy steps to provide unmatched user experiences. On the other hand, they were aiming at growing their eCommerce business with better performance and sales.

The result

Magento 2 migration improved overall performance and scalability of the DP-Tuner website. It also improved the checkout process, which eventually increased the sales.