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The challenge

The lack of a dedicated marketing strategy resulted in the site’s poor performance. Although their products were quite popular because of their good reviews on Amazon, their own website resulted in poor conversion and traffic. To improve their brand popularity, they wanted a better marketing approach and leverage multiple channels to bring relevant customers to their website.

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A Magento Case Study
How strategic campaign planning helped this online supplement store double their revenue

About the client:

Our client is a leading health solutions provider that features a reliable alternative to traditional health solutions. They provide natural, nano-ionic mineral supplements and products that help support healthy blood sugar levels and much more.

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in conversion
Customer lifetime value

Our proposed solution

After a brief analysis of possible marketing scope, we designed a full-fledged marketing plan that involved email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC.

The result

By creating a strategic marketing plan, we were able to bring in steady traffic and conversion from various platforms which helped us double Good State’s website revenue.