How Strategic Campaign Planning Helped This Online Supplement Store Double Their Revenue



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About The Client

Our client is a leading health solutions provider that features a reliable alternative to traditional health solutions. They provide natural, nano-ionic mineral supplements and products that help support healthy blood sugar levels and much more.

Client’s biggest challenge:

The lack of a dedicated marketing strategy resulted in the site’s poor performance. Although their products were quite popular because of their good reviews on Amazon, their own website resulted in poor conversion and traffic. To improve their brand popularity, they wanted a better marketing approach and leverage multiple channels to bring relevant customers to their website.

The Goal

The goal was to increase their revenue by adopting various marketing strategies and helping them to increase their market presence.

After a brief analysis of the possible marketing scope, we designed a full-fledged marketing plan that involved email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC

Email Marketing:

Our proposed email marketing plan began by creating a dedicated email calendar targeting prominent days dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Our email campaigns were a mix of educational newsletters, health awareness content, tips, and promotions that were targeted to a segmented audience.

Our Milestone Achievement:

Our customer’s average monthly revenue was doubled by frequently engaging them with emails and social posts. All our campaign was promotional and quite targeted. The clear segmentation, content, and design were one of the major reasons for the campaign’s success.

Social Media Marketing:

The social platforms were crucial for overall digital success. With health and fitness being a popular topic in social media, we devised a tailor-made social media calendar for Facebook and Instagram. The goal was to increase our followers with engaging posts and stories.

Influencer Marketing:

We partnered with the health and fitness influencers, which helped us generate plenty of useful content needed to promote the brand. The influencer’s blogs, images, and videos were repurposed to create multiple marketing content, which was used to run high-converting social media ads and YouTube campaigns. This is one of the best marketing channels that brought in a steady revenue for our client.


With a targeted PPC campaign, we were able to reach out to a new audience by targeting non-branded high-quality keywords. Since their products were 100% vegan, we were able to target a niche audience and gain customers through targeted landing pages. We set clear and achievable objectives, which helped us to measure our success rate conveniently. By creating smart PPC goals, we saw a 69% increase in conversion rate and a 49% increase in site visitors.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Site Visitors


Increase in Revenue


By creating a strategic marketing plan, we were able to bring in steady traffic and conversion from various platform which helped us double Good State’s website revenue.