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Client’s Profile:

The client is a leading online apparel retailer that sells a wide range of quality dresses from reputable brands, including work and office wear, outdoor clothing, and sportswear for adults. Their apparels are fashionable, stylish, upbeat collection of ethnic and fusion wear carefully curated in line with fashion trends worldwide. Despite being in a highly competitive field, they’d carved a niche for themselves and were committed to giving customers the most compelling online shopping experience possible.


Looking out for the skill to define the right process to make the most of the wealth available on the marketplace, the top management team approached us to carry out their Amazon business plans. Amazon Marketplace is one of the most popular marketing channels for online sellers; they were aware of the fact that starting an Amazon business is challenging and fulfilling if everything runs as planned. They also intended to build the visibility of their brand in the marketplace by showcasing the best apparel collection.

The Challenge:

Amazon is an exciting platform for sellers, but to start thriving, it takes a little bit of time in the crowded marketplace. Our challenge was in picking up the right tools and features to get it rolling immediately. On the other hand, the client was very eager to get started in the shortest duration possible, and they wanted to see the results quickly.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

We recognized that the company needs a cost-effective way to showcase its products and make them more visible to shoppers. After zeroing on the right Amazon plan that would best fit our client’s needs, we ran a thorough check on their inventory. Leveraging the insight, we pulled out the fast-selling and trendy range of dresses to display on the Amazon marketplace.

Our Approach:

All the chosen apparels were displayed to high purchase intent shoppers who were looking for specific or related dresses. We also helped launch new items on the marketplace that would help scale up the business for our client.

The benefits have been multifold.

Impact On Client’s Business:

We organized the launch during the holiday season, as it is the best time of the year to gain popularity and punch the numbers. Though this might sound like a bit of a gamble, it really worked for the client. Sales is an essential parameter of success, and we helped the client generate a 113% ROI in the first endeavor. The displayed brands started receiving the anticipated visibility. They were gaining popularity across the country day after day, and a lot of positive reviews started pouring in from all corners of the land. Here is the data supporting the claim:


Our client was able to boost their brand visibility through our well-timed launch on the marketplace. Our approach drove a high number of shoppers to their brand page. Amazon Marketplace proved to be effective and was easy to set up. Starting off from displaying 50 apparel, we decided to expand the portfolio on the marketplace quickly after tasting the much-desired success.

Get a free online quote or request additional information to learn more about our Amazon Marketplace services.

Get a free online quote or request additional information to learn more about our Amazon Marketplace services.