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The challenge

Amazon marketplace is an exciting platform for sellers, but to start thriving, it takes a little bit of time in the crowded marketplace. Our challenge was in picking up the right tools and features to get started immediately.

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A Case Study
Amazon marketplace optimization leads to 4X sales boost

About the client:

The client is a leading online apparel retailer that sells a wide range of quality products from reputable brands, including work and office wear, outdoor clothing, and sportswear for adults. Despite being in a highly competitive field, they’d carved a niche for themselves and were committed to giving customers the most compelling online shopping experience possible.

Increased conversion
Increased Sales


Looking out for the skill to define the right process to make the most of the wealth available on the Amazon marketplace, our client’s top management team approached us to carry out their Amazon business plans. They wanted to us to increase sales and visibility.

The result

Amazon Marketplace proved to be effective and easy to set up. Starting off from displaying 50 apparel, we decided to expand the portfolio on the marketplace quickly after tasting the much-desired success.