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The Result

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Revenue Increase


Founded in 2012, M.A.D Skincare is a burgeoning brand operating in a fiercely competitive industry, aiming to amplify revenue in niche markets. Our skincare line caters to all skin types and concerns, offering a range of products that effectively fuse the wonders of science with the power of nature.

The Challenge

DP-Tuner operates from a home-based location, and due to Georgia state law, they cannot conduct person-to-person transactions on their premises. Therefore, they rely on their official website, which offers phone and email support and shipping and receiving services for their customers at their Georgia office. To enhance user experience and expand their eCommerce business with improved performance and sales, DP-Tuner set its sights on migrating to Magento 2.


The PPC experts identified and categorized the best-selling and low-selling products of MAD Skincare, and ran different campaigns to optimize their strategy and increase ROAS. They also optimized their ads to rank better than competitors with similar names. Personalized suggestions such as handing out coupons to existing customers and retaining them were successful in increasing sales. The project managers conducted monthly reviews to assess the overall health of the campaigns and make informed decisions to restructure strategies.

What our Customer Says

I cannot thank the team at TheCommerceShop enough for their outstanding work on our PPC campaigns. Their expertise and dedication have resulted in significant increases in our conversion rates and revenue. Their thorough analysis of our products and competitors, combined with their customized solutions, has led to a remarkable increase in our ROAS. The team’s consistent optimization and monthly review exercises have been crucial in maintaining our success and making informed decisions.

Results Obtained

The ad spending optimization helped to increase the conversion rates from 23,943.38 in March 21 to 45,575.51 in March 22, and the ROAS increased from 1.30x in October 2021 to 6.02x in March 2022. The conversion rate increased by 90.25%. The sales in 2022 increased by 737.41%, and the eCommerce conversion rate saw a boost of 364.77%, rising from 1.30 to 4.74. The revenue also increased from $7,325.07 to $61,341.20, a significant jump.