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The challenge

Since there is no ideal email send limit, our client wanted to explore email campaigns for driving leads that ultimately convert to revenue. The challenge was to finding and fine-tuning the optimal frequency for their brand with rigorous testing and evaluation.

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A Case Study
How email marketing improved an US-based healthcare retailer’s online sales

About the client:

A popular US-based healthcare retailer approached us to try email marketing to reach people who have shown interest in their products and site. They wanted to reduce their marketing investments and increase ROI.

Open rate
Click-through rate


The client craved to drive more traffic to their website and increase sales for their business to grow. Their marketing efforts didn’t pave the results as anticipated. Hence, they approached us for expert guidance to improve sales.

The result

Our email campaigns claimed a resounding success. In March 2019, we observed an 85% increase in revenue compared to the previous year with the return on investment at 3X.