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Client’s Profile:

Our client is a famous US-based retailer in the healthcare industry. Their online marketing spend was getting a little over-board and wasn’t delivering the desired results. Therefore, the client approached us to try email marketing to reach people who have shown interest in their products and site. Also, they were interested in introducing themselves to the untapped leads to build a robust online presence.


Previously, the client had a physical outlet, and thereby, they stayed focused on offline retail sales, and the website was a secondary thought to the in-store retail business. However, in the year 2016, their marketing team began focusing on online customers by optimizing their website. Their online efforts included SEO and Social media activities. Ionic Minerals, Supplements, and Personal care products are the three products that they were trying to sell online.

The Challenge:

Our client decided to use email marketing to drive sales and qualified leads on its website. Since there is no ideal email send limit, they wanted to explore email campaigns for driving leads that ultimately convert to revenue. The challenge was to finding and fine-tuning the optimal frequency for their brand with rigorous testing and evaluation.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

A comprehensive email marketing strategy can significantly impact the online business and grow sales. To help them out, we compiled a few inspiring email examples that cover each part of their sales funnel. Here’s how we created a 360° email marketing strategy to help them achieve tangible increases in their primary business metrics. Based on the inputs provided by our marketing wizards, we set up the below mails for the existing and new customers.

Besides these, we reconstructed winning subject lines, filled the segmentation & personalization gaps, brought an end to wrong timing emails, stopped spamming customers, and setup CTA buttons.

Our Approach:

Their email campaigns weren’t achieving optimal results. Therefore, our first step was to tear it down to the studs and rebuild it as a customer-first email program. We kick-started a monthly email campaign rather than sending out random emails, and in it, focused on creating a sales push with calls-to-action, besides, we had other plans lined up as well.


With customers often becoming the drivers of your brand image online, email marketing, such as newsletters, is increasingly essential in online marketing..

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