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The challenge

The Commerce Shop ADA Compliance experts had to work closely with the online retailer to assess their website redesign processes and evolve professional best practices that could be integrated into their transitioning process. Firstly, we prepared the list of things that will be covered, the client appreciated the attention to detail, professionalism, effective integration with management, and value we brought to the project.

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A Case Study
Manhattan Portage incorporates accessibility, and ADA Compliance with website redesign

About the client:

Ever since 1983 – Manhattan Portage are original pioneers of the authentic messenger bag that captured the spirit of New York City. Over the years, they have grown big like New York city and have survived to this day. They had maintained a unique urban aesthetic based on the street art, pop-art, and iconography of New York City life that they call “Downtown Smart.”

Improved website performance
Increased organic traffic
Boosted ROI


Manhattan Portage chose to go ADA compliant and be ever available to everyone. From a business standpoint, a site needs to be accessible to all because turning away physically challenged visitants means lost conversions and revenue.

The result

After redesigning the eCommerce site and implementing a lot of these accessibility features, it started to attract more shoppers with disabilities to their website, which yielded in more conversions and revenue.